Monday, August 24, 2015

A word to the guys

  • A woman who works in ANY capacity for Planned Parenthood or who mentions that yeah sure, she had one or more abortions,  says she is not the least bit sorry  and takes offense when you are disturbed by that knowledge will, inevitably hurt you to the soul one day. Without total conversion she simply can't help herself. Having paid someone to slaughter her own little baby she can now do anything. Run away.

  • Do not marry the perpetual damsel in distress. The woman who needs you to save her from herself will bring painful drama to your life forever. 

  •  Don't marry an unbeliever thinking that it will convert them. Missionary dating and marriage rarely work and  the cases where it did work owe it to divine intervention. You probably aren't St. Clotilda or  the Prophet Hosea so don't go looking for suffering young bro. 


Wendy in VA said...

You are so sensible, Dymphna. I was barely Catholic and my husband was Southern Baptist when we got married. Twenty-six years and six children later, we are both Latin Mass-loving Catholics. LOL There is no doubt in my mind God has blessed us with much more than we deserve.

Steve Dalton said...

The perpetual damsel in distress is a morbid attention seeker. I knew one (not as a boyfriend or a husband, thank God!) and she was always getting into dysfunctional relationships she needed to be rescued from. If the person is a child or another relative, the best thing you can do is to tell them "you got into it, now get out of it". Otherwise, you will be drained of financial and spiritual resources that can be better used elsewhere.