Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The most beautiful thing this side of Heaven

Mass tonight was even more thrilling than usual. There were a lot of new people there besides the regulars and the confession line was long. Among the regulars were a charming woman I've nicknamed Sweet Mommy and her Delightful Daughter. Sweet Mommy is married to Funny Daddy. The Handsome Indian Couple were their usual pew. Big Irish, who looks like he could kneecap you but is actually a very tender hearted guy was up front, the Three Cute Girls were on the St. Joseph side, the Shy Young Fellows were on the Our Lady side and the Big Jolly Family who come in a tank were spread out in two pews. There is always a big assortment of single people in their 20s and we get worshipers from around the world. To see this kind of variety in peoples you'd have to go to a cathedral in the city but we were were all together in a little back water parish for the Tridentine Mass. What a beautiful thing.

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