Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Random thoughts....

  • Go to the end of the video. The cantor is singing to Mother Earth. It's bad enough that sick people, many of whom have access to no Mass but the one on TV and who haven't had anyone from their parish come near them since they got sick, are forced to put up with cheesy Masses on TV but this is just too much and the the pries having to go along with it is just pathetic.
  • Friday I got sick and after work I went home, got into to bed and slept until 11 AM the next day. Rocky and I went to Mass and then I went back to bed. I guess it's partly from a sinus infection and partly from grief over work.  On the positive side I think I must have sent out over 50 resumes.
  • Michael Matt says he was a baby during Vatican II and is really sick of hearing about it. I giggled a bit when I heard him say that.

  • I have a feeling that the "compassion" for divorced and invalidly remarried Catholics is just a   camel's nose under tent distraction for something else to slip by at the October synod.

  • Cecil the lion was not beloved by the villagers who lived next the preserve. When your experience with lions is seeing your sister being eaten by one and being unable to go get water from the river because you don't want to be next, it makes it pretty darn hard to sing along to Disney's The Lion King. Warble "Hakuna matata" at a rural Zimbabwean and you might get slapped.

  • Christians are being killed in the Middle East the Vatican is inviting Oprah to come visit and asking us to apologize for sins against the Earth.  When the Princes of the Church get frivolous it's a sign that a correction-- a good bracing slap is needed. 


kam said...

'Waves, crashing on granite', HELP!

newguy40 said...

Your random notes are always spot on.

In the old days, I would say you'd likely get 5 calls out of your 50 resumes sent. Sadly, these days, I'm not sure you can count on any. The thing to do, if you can, is to follow up with a call to each of those 50 places that you submitted. Try, if you can, to get the name of the hiring manager. That way you can have a direct contact in to the work place.

Several years ago, at a parish that will remain nameless, the pastor had the music folks play "The colors of the wind" from Disney Pocohontas. During Mass. During reception of the Eucharist.

Last Sunday, at the NO we attended, the organist played "Gabriel's Oboe" from The Mission. It was before the Mass so not much for me to complain about other than the secular nature of the music. I personally found the Mission to be anti Catholic.

I'll skip the video as I trust your description. This and the Oprah - Matt Damon -- Francis axis is just another cross to bear. That slap correction you speak of is long overdue. I trust the Holy Mother continues to intercede for us. Otherwise, like Sodom and Gomorrah we'd be wiped out and justifiably so.

The Digital Hairshirt said...

Sorry I am late to this post, but I actually goggled the words to what the cantor was singing, such was my disbelief that she was singing to Gaia. She was! What a travesty!