Monday, September 01, 2008

leave Bristol Palin alone

When I was in high school I knew two classmates who got pregnant. Both girls came from middle to upper class families. Their "nice", sophisticated suburban parents made them get abortions and although I managed to keep a blase expression on my face, inside I was shocked by that. One girl had two abortions, the other had one. One was incredibly bitter at her boyfriend for dumping her and leaving her to kill their child by herself. The other was just sad that the whole ugly business had to be done because her parents didn't want to be shamed in front of their friends. She was also upset because her boyfriend now seemed to have lost all respect for her. Both these girls knew what they'd done. Planned Parenthood couldn't convince them that they'd just shed some random cells.

Teenaged pregnancy happens. We are hard wired to breed when we are fertile. I am not saying that fornication is not a mortal sin. I am not dismissing fornication or making light of it in any way. I would never say or do that but out of wedlock pregnancy does happen. Our society just sweeps it and the poor innocent babies under the rug by forcing girls to add murder to the original fornication.

My grandmother gave birth to my dad when she was a teenager. She was unwed and could not marry my grandfather becuase he was already married to a relative of hers. It was the scandal of the county and no, my grandmother was not a good mom to her eldest son at all but I thank God she chose to give him life instead of sneaking off to the local abortionist. And she could've done that. Contray to the urban legends, the abortionists in my parent's little backwoods town were well known and were successful at what they did. My grandmother could've made her problem go away and no-one other than my great grandmother would've been the wiser. Give Bristol Palin a break. She has chosen to let her innocent child live. And that's all I have to say.