Monday, September 29, 2008

Got a good priest? Thank God!

Our new parochial vicar, Fr. G. is going to run in the Baltimore Marathon He's raising money for the Gabriel Project pregnancy assistance and Project Rachel post-abortion healing ministries. Since I wouldn't even run on an indoor track I'm very impressed.

He's been giving a lecture series on the letters of St. Paul every Sunday and it's brilliant. It feels like a college course. The Church no longer has simplex priests, the men in your parish are pretty darn smart as a matter of course. And some like Fr. G., Fr. Aragorn and Fr. Theoden are simply amazing. Your pastor or parochial vicar could've done a lot of things with his life. I've often thought that Fr. Theoden would've made a good teacher or diplomat, Fr. G. used to be a lawyer. Thank God they and all good priests have chosen to follow God's call.