Saturday, January 28, 2017

Random thoughts on the second feast of St. Agnes

  • Remember the whole Anglican-use Catholic thing?  The Anglicans were told they could become Catholic and keep on using their lovely old rite at Mass.  Promises were made, trust was asked for and received and it's come to this: Bishop Garcia-Siler has ordered the pastor of Our Lady of the Atonement, the first Anglican Use Pastoral Provision parish in the United States to step down. The bishop doesn't say what his problem with the pastor is but it is obvious that there is something about the priest or the parish that the bishop doesn't like and he's decided to fix it using the blunt instrument known as "time off to pray and reflect". Maybe it would be better to just convert and don't worry about bringing the entire parish and building with you. One day a new bishop and a new pope may come along who weren't part of your original deal and may decide that they are not bound to it. 

  • St. Agnes is one of the few saints who has two days of honor. Her feast day is on January 21 and today is  her second feast shared with St. Peter Nolasco.

  • Remember how "experts" told us to calm down about Pope Francis because he doesn't care about liturgy? Well, the pope has ordered a review of the Mass translation we currently use. Some people are upset. I am not. Constant change in the Novus Ordo Mass is not a bug, it is a feature. Every few years there will be something new and damn the complainers. That's just the way it is. Now, what if the New, New, New Mass comes with rubrics that are so heretical that they might as well be Lutheran with a dash of voodoo and a side a Pentecostalism, will regular lay Catholics do? For the most part, nothing.The folks who grumble will be told to shut up and they will. Some people will stop going to Mass, either completely or will be C&E and Ash Wednesday Catholics. Others who can do so, will go to the Eastern rites parishes or go Orthodox. A few, very few will go to a Christ the King parish or to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter for as long as they exist. An even tinier number will head to the Anglican rite churches or to the SSPX mission chapel.

  • On Thursday evening we had six seminarians who came for the March for Life attend Mass. It was great seeing them. They were all so young and they looked like angels.

  • Ann Barhardt is reporting that the Knights of Malta have been crushed because the Grand Master made a mistake which led to his forced resignation. As I've said before, if you want to be a public Catholic you must be clean. That is to say, that you must be above reproach. There must not be anything in your past or your private life that can be used against you. If you committed a mortal sin by yourself or have been an accessory to someone else in their mortal sin, go to Confession, do penance and resign your post now or make a public announcement  about what you did before an enemy finds it out---because the enemy will. The blackmailer is evil yes, but you brought in on yourself by committing the sin and thinking you could excuse it by all the good work you are doing for Our Lord and His Church.

  • Young men, did your girlfriend or the girl you've been wanting to ask out on a date go that so-called Women's March in DC last week? Take that as a sign and ditch her. Unless you want to play weakling Ahab to her Queen Jezebel get away from her now.  

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Holy Face

Today would have been my father's 77th birthday. May God have mercy on his soul, may he rest in peace, my he see the Holy Face in glory.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Holy Sepulcher Chapel

The DC Franciscan monastery has a replica of the Jerusalem chapel. I read a book written by a priest pilgrim in 1910, who complained about the Orthodox management of  the chapel and later I read a book by another pilgrim priest written in 1950, who complained about the same thing and still another priest in the 1990s who also the same complaint. All of them were so discreet and assumed that the readers were well familiar with what they were writing about that they didn't plainly say what was so wrong. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Catholic lady's every day carry

Keys for my home and my mother's
Prayer book
Rosary (it's a replica of the WWI US soldier's combat rosary--finally one that I can't break)
Pocket knife with a bottle opener-- I love this thing
Emergency kit with gloves, travel sized over the counter medicines, a contact lens case, hand sanitizer, an N95 respirator mask (there have been frequent smoke incidents on my commuter train) an emergency space blanket which only weights a few ounces, Razac hand lotion and a chapel veil with bobby pins
Not shown but they are always with me:
My phone, which I used to take the photograph
The brown scapular that I'm wearing

The Divine Shepherdess

Friday, January 20, 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A careless nun's influence

Too many orders have fallen a long, sad way from the path this nun tread

A friend of mine once told me the story of an incident from the 70s when her family had an  an unhabited, pantsuit  nun as a weekend house guest. The nun was so difficult to deal with that she couldn't live with the other nuns in the convent. Instead of dismissing or correcting her the order simply paid for an apartment for her to live in.  At some point my friend and her brother, who were both quite young at the time  went to the refrigerator to get a candy bar which was the last of their Easter treats. It was gone. The wacky nun, who really liked candy, ate it during the night and  laughed at the disappointed little boy. Today my friend's brother never goes to Mass except for funerals and weddings. It's a silly reason to lose one's Faith but life is often silly and he was just a kid.  Sister Modern said and did a lot of foolish things over the eight years the children were in elementary school and the boy was repulsed.

Monday, January 16, 2017

random thoughts on a three day weekend

  • If anyone had fantasies about moving to Malta I suggest you read the recent statement by the Maltese bishops. There is no Catholic wonderland, not Ireland, not Italy and not Malta.

  • Rocky and I went to a wedding yesterday. It was in the traditional latin form and the couple had a Misa Cantata. It was beautiful. The guests were wonderful. I didn't see one scantily clad woman and not one man made a vulgar speech or got drunk at the reception. The bride and bridesmaids all were modestly dressed and the bride's gown was gorgeous. She seemed to float like a fairy queen down the aisle. They had five priests at the wedding and incredible food for the luncheon. I think it's the best wedding we've been to in years.

  • In order to make it as a top model you have to strip naked and let strangers photograph you.  We know from reading the news and biographies that many models suffer from eating disorders and drug use. Kathy Ireland couldn't go along with this because of her Christianity and got out of the modeling game. She's done spectacularly well in the Christian and lifestyle and furniture  marketplaces, but she's the only one. Other models realize that they just can't do the things required in order to make it to supermodel status and don't try to go beyond steady catalog work.  Others use it as a means of meeting marriageable men they never would have run into back home. Like Ireland, the sensible ones get out as soon as they can.

    If a young singer wants to make it to the top in the pop and hip hop world you have to either embrace occultist behavior or just ape the symbols whenever you perform.  Talent has very little to do with who makes it. One of the most talented Soul singers around was a lady by the name of Sharon Jones. She died last year and most people have never heard of her because despite that big powerhouse voice she was short, plain, plump and was not about to make a fool of herself in public by performing lewd dance moves or wearing ridiculous for her age costumes on stage. If you would admire pop and hip hop artists for anything but their music remember that drug use, alcoholism and sex with everything that moves is normal for this industry.

    To be an A list actor one must do pornographic love scenes, go almost naked when attending public functions if you are young and female, and have sex with the people who cast you in movies. Tales of the casting couch have been a joke for 100 years in Hollywood but it's really not funny. Hollywood is so full of drugs, alcoholism, tacit approval of pedophilia on screen and it is rumored, massive practiced pedophilia in private that it's like a perpetually clogged sewer pipe. Why on earth do Americans with IQs in the normal range give a hoot about what any of these people think or say outside their own purview?

  • The Doloran Fathers had to leave Oklahoma but have found a new place in Colorado.

  • I saw this snippet of a talk  by Charles Coulombe  on Twitter this morning. He explains one powerful reason, other than the ever present sword, why Muslims are so persuasive in their conversion efforts.  
    Coulombe  sounds like a  bad John F. Kennedy imitator mixed with Foghorn Leghorn and has a strong not particularly funny comedic streak. Both these things can get a bit tiresome when he's giving long talks but if you can get past that, his talks on Catholic history are very interesting.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Saturday, January 07, 2017

When the poisons in the mud hatches out....

I  should not have to say this but in case anyone reading this doesn't get it: out of wedlock motherhood is not the same as being a divorced mother or a widow. This choice comes with a whole basket of social pathology.

Back in the 60s and 70s black women were told that they didn't need one particular  man and that things would be better financially if they didn't marry their child's father and instead relied on everybody else's man in the form of welfare.  I have one relative with five out of wedlock children who in our 20s made more money from welfare than I was making from going to work.  One of her daughters has already had a child out of wedlock and is continuing the sad cycle. Single motherhood was put on a pedestal and mothers who never married or even maintained a relationship with their children's fathers were treated as heroines. You were roundly criticized if you dared say anything against it. The fact that Mommy's boyfriends frequently abuse her children was ignored by everyone but police officers, and emergency room medical personnel. Eventually people couldn't ignore it but shrugged their shoulders because it had nothing to do with them.

When white women began choosing to have children without marriage the "You Go Girl," culture sprung up. Movies, TV, and the Internet all celebrated Mom and condemned worthless, wicked Dad. All the family's hardship was Dad's fault and nothing--ever--- was Mom's fault. If you go to Pinterest or Tumblr or Facebook you will see a celebration of single Mom but you probably won't see too many posts on what's like to have your mother's boyfriend molest you or what it's like to find yet another strange man at the breakfast table on Saturday morning. You don't find too many memes on what it's like to live with relatives because your mother's new husband doesn't like you or what it's like growing up watching your mother with her new man and their kids and feel like you are always on the outside.. A lot of kids born in the 90s and aughts grew up like feral cats and for the most part, until they commit crime Americans either don't care or are too cowed to say anything. The problem is not just in the cities. I know a woman who was a foster mother in a small Southern town for many years. She saw some horribly damaged kids and they mostly came from single mother led homes. The human monsters who kidnapped and tortured a mentally impaired 18  year old in Chicago this week probably grew up in  households without fathers or even dedicated grandfathers. This does not excuse them, they did a disgusting thing and they must pay for it but don't be surprised by this crime. The poisons hidden in the mud always hatch out eventually.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Catholic owned businesses that I liked in 2016

The Catholic Planner

Hummingbird DS mantillas

The Veiled Woman

Sisters of Carmel

Holy Reflections (she actually doesn't count as a business because she gives her art away for free but she is so talented and the site is just a treasure trove)

Mother of the Good Shepherd

Happy New Year and Have a blessed Feast of the Circumcision of the Lord  and Feast of Mary Mother of God (depending on what liturgical calendar you follow)