Sunday, January 29, 2023

Rest in peace, Sonny Boy

 My Uncle Sonny Boy, died in 2015. Today would have been his birthday.   I loved him very much. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

These People Just Can't Be Anything But Nasty

Petulant, nasty, vicious beyond the pale and just plain tacky.  Cardinal Gambetti may have pleased his master on earth but he'll  have to explain his behavior to the One who wept over Lazarus one day. 

Who made the decision that Benedict's body should be stuffed into a van without a coffin or even a shroud to cover the body? We package our groceries with more care.  Have you ever seen a dead body transported like that for a funeral? 

Saturday, January 07, 2023

Random thoughts on a Saturday morning

  • Rocky and I made a short visit on Epiphany Eve to a local parish on Epiphany Eve. I was startled to see Fr. Rupnik's art on the catechetical material in the vestibule. This is nothing against the parish or the pastor who are both known to be fine but shows how ubiquitous Rupnik's work is. Those hideous, dead goggle eyed mosaics are everywhere. Just trashing any images of his work or painting over originals is going to cost a fortune.  

  • Pope Benedict's funeral was enlightening in many ways but I'll mention one very small thing I noticed. I signed onto Twitter and looked at the various professional Catholic accounts. One guy was raging at his enemies and making homosexual jokes. One woman who considers herself to be superior to most Catholics and Americans in particular but constantly seems to be flirting with Eastern Orthodoxy spent the day being bitter and miserable. Days before the funeral  she  stated that she "DGAF" about Benedict. Both these people have asked for donations from Catholics in the past and presume to tell us how we're wrong or ignorant about the Faith. The uglier they got, the uglier they looked themselves. They reminded me of the old Ronald Dahl quote.

  •  If you have a good parish with a holy priest please don't post photos of him or the interior online unless he agrees.  Do not video his homilies without his permission. We have come to the point where even celebrating the Novus Ordo as reverently as it can be done and sticking to the rubrics is going to cause good priests to be attacked by their bishops.