Saturday, November 26, 2022

The "approved" easy to get to diocesan TLM is a thing of the past

 For years I've felt that the TLMs in my diocese probably wouldn't survive after Pope Benedict's death. After his abdication and  this weird twilight existence where they drag him out for photo ops and then hide him away again, that hunch came true. Joshua May used to go to St. Mary's in  Chinatown in DC and he has an observation that lines up with what I've been thinking. I couldn't embed the link so it is below.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Random thoughts now that the Mid terms are finally mostly over

  •  Last night Rocky and I drove to a parish in the DC diocese for Adoration. We used to go for Adoration, Confession and the traditional Mass but Cardinal Gregory ended the TLM. The church was dark. We made the sign of the cross and drove away. I can't put into words how painful the sight of that darkened church was to me. 

  • There's a guy on Twitter who has been braying like a jackass for weeks that "You can't vote your way out this...." He's right but I can't bring myself to like him because he's also a raging snob, a  distributism fan, a monarchist, (Look both options are pie in the sky fantasies for the American situation), and he seems to long for the life of a patron in Old Mexico or a minor lord in England. However, even a LARPing fantasist can be right about one or two things. This country is in bad shape morally. The people have been corrupted and degraded and things are going to get worse.