Sunday, June 26, 2022

Spot the quisling

 A lot of people who we thought were pro-life actually aren't or were just giving lip service to the cause. They enjoyed getting paid for speeches and essays but in their hearts they were perfectly fine with Roe and the money it brought them. I've been very surprised by the tepid response from a number of priests and bishops. One professional Catholic hates President Trump so much that he can't bring himself to be happy. He's the worst of the bunch but most of the professional Catholics have not responded with joy. I hope people are taking note. 

Friday, June 24, 2022


 I am a  GenX baby, the last generation to be born before Roe v. Wade and I have lived to see Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization. God be praised. All glory and honor to God. 

Thursday, June 16, 2022

random thoughts on a Thursday morning

  • This piece on Old St. Mary's in DC is interesting but left me a bit unsettled. My godmother, was one of those little old ladies who attended the Monday novena and one of my earliest memories is going to St. Mary's with her and looking up at the Pieta statue with awe. The author of the essay says everything was gray and depressing. I thought that old church was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Old women like my godmother and the Chinese parishioners who kept the parish going deserved more respect than the essay gives. They weren't famous or rich but they had souls to save and they faithfully attended back when walking alone in Chinatown in the morning or night was dangerous. Cardinal Gregory, it's been whispered has turned a jaundiced eye towards the parish and in the end, it must might be those frumpy, uninteresting, old nobodies who save the parish again.

  •  If you are a prepper it's time to go dark about it. If your family and friends haven't learned to plan for emergencies by now, they won't. 

  • I have found that it's best to skip reading Fr. Z.  unless I want a pasta recipe because I just end up irritated and a little sad but I noticed on  Canon 212 that Fr. blasted Gloria TV for  reporting  a story about a confraternity that turned a  church in Rome into a dinning hall for a few hours in order to feed the needy. Father Z is in Rome eating and drinking and posting cute travel videos. Why he got upset with Gloria TV, which is not a minor Trad site , by the way, for noting while yes, we should and are commanded to care for the poor, reducing the house of God, which should be for His worship, to a feeding station is a mystery to me. My only guess is that Fr. feels this way  because the confraternity is affiliated with the FSSP and you're a bad Trad if you don't cheer for absolutely everything any FSSP priest does. I think that's baloney.  Also Rome apparently doesn't have any parish halls or civic centers the confraternity could have used to do this. Sure..... 
    I hope the Blessed Sacrament was removed for the event but neither Gloria TV nor Fr. Z. said so. 

Monday, June 06, 2022

Saturday, June 04, 2022

Random thoughts on a Saturday afternoon

  • Nigerian Christians are being terrorized and nobody seems to care. Priests and seminarians have been kidnapped and murdered. A church was attacked on Pentecost Sunday and the estimates are 50 or more people were slaughtered. Villages have been burnt, a young woman was lynched...Where is the Catholic media? 

  • Is the new Obi Wan show so bad that Disney/Lucas Film is ginning up a faux controversy to fool people into watching it?

  • Why are people so gleefully evil towards sedevaticantists? Is it the group-think need  to have someone on the outside to hate? I don't agree with them but they are Catholic and deserve civility. If you can plop yourself down to a seder at your parish or  say not a word of protest when your priest hands over your parish hall  to Muslims, while they build their mosque down the street then why NOT do the brotherhood of man song and dance in regards  to a Sede?

    Your archbishop has a woman's nick-name. There haven't been ten men ordained in one year for decades in your diocese.  You can't recall the last time you saw a real nun on the parish grounds, much less at Mass. The "Catholic" high school is celebrating sexual sin  and Confession is about 30 minutes once a week at your parish--if Fr. isn't busy Tweeting or doing his You Tube videogame review.  There's less that 50 people at Mass but you have two Eucharist Ministers.  The head of your RCIA program is loudly pro-abortion and not one thing will be done about it... Are things so wonderful that you can cheerfully damn a Sede on the Internet, whom you don't even know, to Hell for looking at all this and trying to find an answer? Would you ever even dream of treating  a Lutheran or Mormon the way I've seen Sedes talked to in Catholic social media?

    Are there annoying Sedes? Yes, but of course.  Some are downright obnoxious. Some have been driven mad and you just can't talk to them. There are also calm, erudite sedevaticantists who are able to make their argument with dignity and clarity. Again, I don't agree with them. If there hasn't been a pope since 1958, I don't see how we can ever have one again. The last cardinals made by Pius XII must be over 100 by now and may be in their dotage.  I can make that point without going, "Shut up you stupid, sub-human Sede and go to Hell." 

    St. Charles Lwanga, pray for us.

Friday, May 27, 2022

The insane walk among us.

In the late 60s and 70s the idea spread that with all the psychotropic medications available  even the seriously, dangerously mentally ill could live at home as long as they had a strong support system. In 1961, Professor Thomas Szasz published his thunderbolt of a book, The Myth of Mental Illness and founded the  American Association for the Abolition of Involuntary Mental Hospitalization.  He testified before Congress and his theories caught on. He was also a proponent of suicide and did so in 2012. I've heard people mutter that, "Oh, Ronald Reagan closed the asylums in California and that's what started homelessness." No. The movement for closing mental institutions was a popular one that had been building long before that. Politicians responded to the people and the people had been told by movies, novels, the news, and academics that mental institutions were all bad. 

 What most of the well-meaning, nice people didn't realize was that eventually the strong 50 year old who can make his 20 year old son take his medicine, grows old and dies. The nice folks didn't take into account the number of people could not handle their sick relative and those who did not want to and felt that they'd been forced and shamed into the position of caretaker that they weren't equipped for. I can think of at least three examples of this:

  • A old college  friend of mine had a cousin who was homeless. She explained, when noticing my surprise --the family was well off-- that when he was a freshman at college his mind broke,  either by nature or by drug use. His parents brought him home from school and took care of them until they died. They left money. They left a house. They left siblings who by that time were senior citizens and unable and unwilling to sacrifice their lives to take on a 30 year old who could get violent if his dosage schedule varied. So he's on the street. 

  • One of my mother's neighbors took care of her mentally ill son  until her common-law husband died. She couldn't stay on the property as the husband never made any provisions for her legally. She decided to move a senior building but of course the building's management  would not allow her to bring her son with her so she left him. He lives in the alley nearby his old home and sometimes sleeps in the parking lot next door. His mother brings him food and laundry but he's on the street and sometimes he scares people rather badly when he's angry and  he gets arrested.  People who knew him when he was young look a bit shamefaced about it but  everyone, even the ones who are sympathetic to him are relieved when he's in jail. The last time I ran into him, I recoiled from his stench and then froze like a cornered rabbit until he passed me by. Living as he does, spending the Winters outdoors has turned his health. He's lost a good deal of weight and looks to be a shadow of himself. My mother is convinced that his body can't go like this and it's only a matter of time before he's found dead somewhere.

  • I have a cousin who was hit in the head with a baseball when he was eight which some family members believe caused brain damage. If he's not medicated he has no impulse control, is quick to panic  and has gotten violent with females. He's been to jail and prison. Thankfully he has four brothers who keep him at home and  step up time and again to protect him and clean up any mess he gets into. That's  obviously not what most families  in this situation are doing or can do. 

It should be obvious by now, that public mental hospitals are needed and desperately so. There are poor, sick  in soul and body people wandering the streets who ought to be in a humane institution with food, drink, medical care  and shelter.  The insane walk among us. For their sakes and the sakes of innocents who may be harmed by them, it has to stop. 

St. Dymphna, pray for us. 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

St. John and the boiling oil

 I love the look of mild annoyance on St. John's face. 

Sunday, May 15, 2022

random thoughts on a Sunday afternoon

  •  The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is shutting down it's news arm, CNA at the end of the year.  Most of the comments I've seen about it bemoan the fate of the 21employees  in New York and DC and there were the usual complaints that the Church needs to pay staff better. Well, I'm glad that CNA is shutting down. I wish the USCCB would do the same and I think things would be better if lay people were no longer making their living off the Church. 

  • I had two really bad teachers in elementary and high school. Both were young laywomen who had just graduated from college. The elementary teacher was moved from the classroom to the office some time after I graduated and the high school teacher was fired or just not rehired at the end of the school year.  Communities used to be very zealous about the schoolmarm's character. Parents knew and seem to have forgotten that the nanny, the governess and the teacher all have the kids for most of the day and are forming their minds so these people should be absolutely mentally sound and have sterling morals. 
    Mary Kay  Letourneau is the most infamous example, but young teachers and coaches flirting and having sexual contact with students happens much more that most people want to think. New teachers fresh out of school should either be assistants to an experienced teacher in the classroom for a few years or every classroom needs to be live streamed for parents every day. 

  • I've noticed that there seem to be less Ukrainian flags in the windows of the mansions in Northern Virginia. Is it because the frivolous folks are moving on to a new cause du jour or is it because the owners of those houses have been ridiculed and challenged by their neighbors? Depending on who your employer is, a lot of money is being made from Ukraine and perhaps, just perhaps it's dawning on people how their neighbors bought that new "cottage" on the Eastern Shore....

  • Rocky and I watched the IDF beating the pallbearers at Shireen Abu Aqleh's funeral and were disgusted. Sure, I'd like to go visit the Holy Land but there is no way in the world I would willingly give my tourist dollars to the modern state that controls it.

  • Maureen Mullarkey's lastest post is on a scene that all to many of us have seen variation of. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

This is bad and it's not going to blow over

 Something very bad just happened this week. People, not all of whom are demon possessed went to Catholic churches and tried to terrorize people and commit sacrilege. In Katy, Texas they stole the Blessed Sacrament. All these people got away with it. If any of them get  arrested we will watch them skip out of court with a triumphant leer on their ugly faces.  Catholics became second class citizens this week and there is nary a peep from the US bishops. There's not a Bishop "Dagger" John Hughes among them.

 If you believe the Kennedy presidency was the Catholic high water mark (Really? The Kennedy's always put their Faith second place to politics) then the Biden term in office has got to be a decline not seen since the Klan and No Nothings before them were attacking Irish Catholics. What's been happening would have been unthinkable 50 years ago. And for all you interfaith folks, have you seen any of the separated brethren standing arm in arm with Catholics at the Church door? No, in fact, if you go visit the interfaith salons you  may notice that they're strangely quiet right now. 

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you recall reading about  times in history when goons were allowed and encouraged to do things like this? It didn't blow over then did it? I don't think it's going to blow over now.

Thursday, May 05, 2022

Random thoughts on a Thursday afternoon

  •  There is no more fiercer critic of the Church than one who has left her due to scandal. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene used to be Catholic but now attends some Protestant group's services.  The sex scandals are apparently her main reason for that and she certainly is not the only one. The toothless, worthless Catholic League got upset with her recent comments but conveniently ignore why Greene said what she said.  

  • I don't believe Roe will fall this year. I think one or two of the Justices will be be intimidated into changing their votes which is what the leak of the draft was intended to do. Frankly my main concern right now is the threats of violence against Catholic churches. Notice that nobody is calling for bothering non-denominational soft rock bank churches or any other blend of Protestant worship hall. I guess that's the devil admitting that only the Catholic Church is true.

  • There is talk that the traditional Mass at Old St. Mary's in Chinatown in DC is going to be cancelled and moved to the widely criticized JPII Center near Catholic U. That would a be a shock. For many years the only place in DC to find a traditional Mass was St. Mary's. However, parking over at JPII would be much, much better. One reason why Rocky and I never go to St. Mary's anymore is that unless you get there two hours early parking is impossible and while it's not as bad as it used to be, it is not in a neighborhood where you can afford to daydream in while walking to Mass. Cardinal Gregory, if he does force a move, may not intend it as a kindly gesture but it might work out for the good in the long run. 

Sunday, April 24, 2022

random thoughts on a Sunday night

  • So  how was your Divine Mercy Mass?  Father preached at some considerable length about the very great sufferings of Pope John Paul II and Sr. Faustina  but  he also mentioned  the Gospel reading. Poor Rocky was so tired from work that he dozed off a few times. I only nudged him awake because if he'd started snoring everybody would have heard it. The Divine Mercy image was not brought out this year, nor  was the chaplet prayed before or during Mass. Compared to  Divine Mercy masses of yesteryear this was pretty toned down. I think the devotion is quietly fading in the United States. 

  •  My brother-in-law loves Disney so much that he used to go once or twice a year. To each his own... and it was his money to do as he pleased and none of my business  but I couldn't fathom it. I still can't. The You Tube videos of squealing adults gong to Disney as if it's a pilgrimage site used to be strike me as weird but harmless now they seem decidedly unhealthy. 

  • I have no desire to watch "The Chosen".  The trailers and still photos just had a strong Protestant/Mormon vibe to me and as it turns out it's blasphemous.  It also makes the Lord a sweet, lovable goofball. I despise that as much as I loathe the girly pink-cheeked and doe eyed images of Our Lord. 

  • I've noticed something rather interesting. When Rocky and I drive through the wealthy parts of Northern Virginia we see Ukrainian flags in front of the mansions. There are a few in the middle class neighborhoods and none to be seen the working class or poor neighborhoods. 

  • St. John the Evangelist was special among the Apostles. Perhaps it was due to his youth and innocence. He was the one out of all the Apostles who was entrusted with protecting Our Lady after the Crucifixion. When he had his vision of Our Lord on the isle of Patmos, he, a very old man did not greet Jesus familiarly. He threw himself to the ground and prostrated himself before God. I try to think about that when I pass by the Blessed Sacrament or when faced with a priest or deacon who wants to give me Communion in the hand.

Sunday, April 17, 2022



Happy Easter


Saturday, April 16, 2022

Holy Saturday


What is happening? Today there is a great silence over the earth, a great silence, and stillness, a great silence because the King sleeps; the earth was in terror and was still, because God slept in the flesh and raised up those who were sleeping from the ages. God has died in the flesh, and the underworld has trembled.

from an ancient Holy Saturday Homily

Friday, April 15, 2022




O King of the Friday
Whose limbs were stretched on the Cross,
O Lord who did suffer The bruises, the wounds, the loss,
We stretch ourselves
Beneath the shield of thy might,
Some fruit from the tree of thy passion
Fall on us this night!

He Has Trodden the Winepress Alone

Isaiah 63:1

Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bosra, this beautiful one in his robe, walking in the greatness of his strength. I, that speak justice, and am a defender to save. Why then, is thy apparel red, and they garments like theirs that tread in the winepress?


Sunday, April 10, 2022

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Uncle Luke and the Angel

 If someone claims that Our Lord, Our Lady, saints or angels are stopping by to chat with them regularly you should avoid them. If you think that the King of Kings is popping into your kitchen every day and saying you're  the most wonderful person in the world and that He is more united with you than any other creature you need to run to your priest and possibly a physician. That may very well be a demon or a brain tumor talking.

Chasing after unapproved apparitions is bad news but that doesn't mean that God doesn't step in when we need Him. I suspect that most true apparitions are not intended for the world to know about and are a one time event for most people who are so visited. Here's a family story about a relative who needed a miracle and may have gotten one.

My Great Uncle Luke was a wonderful person but he was an alcoholic. My mother isn't sure if his drinking started when he was a teenager or if it's something that began after he came home from the Korean War. Whenever it started it was very bad and was destroying him. His sisters, Grandma and Great Aunt Violet decided that something had to be done. Grandma befriended Luke's young wife and his young children spent pretty much every day at her home. Aunt Vi came home and spent her vacation talking to Luke's supervisor at work, his banker, and a lawyer. She took control of his money, made sure his bills were paid, bought clothes for his children and saved the home that Luke's grandchildren live in today. 

Luke's drinking finally landed him in the hospital. While he was there he had an experience that changed his life forever. He later told my grandmother and no-one else that an angel walked into his room. What the angel looked like or said, he did not tell her but from that night on he didn't need to drink anymore. He died when I was five and he was known as a wise and well beloved member of the family and community. He was also considered to be one of the most charitable men in the town. So many people came to his funeral that they had stand in the back and overflowed into the churchyard. It was such a spectacular turnaround that anyone who hadn't known him when he was a young man wouldn't have believed that he ever had an alcohol problem. God acts in our lives. 

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Ask Your Husband--- and other random thoughts

  •  Although I do NOT want to give my money to either of  the Gordon brothers I have become increasingly curious about Stephanie Gordon's book, Ask Your Husband, to see what the fuss (from people I respect and a few that I don't), is all about. I'm too late. Tan publishing has pulled the book due to a plagiarism accusation from a surprising source and it's not available for immediate purchase on Amazon. The next Gordon family reunion is going to be bit strained, I'm guessing. If I can find a used copy I may still try to get it. The sad thing is; a good, non-stuffy, highly readable  book on Christian feminism and why it's evil is needed. Hopefully one day, we'll get one. 

  • If I hear that "But the rank and file are still decent men and women and on our side," idiotic line one more time.....

  • Y'all know that Oscar's slap was fake as pro wrassling, right? 

  • Hey Maryland.   Joe at the Washington DC Catholic blog has posted a Tweet a Maryland legislature bill that should disturb you. Have your bishops or your parish priest said anything about this? You can also read about this on the Restore DC Catholicism blog. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Another squishy consecration

 God knocked Saul off his high horse and adjusted Balaam's attitude so anything is possible. With that in mind,  I had planned to wait until Francis did his version of consecrating Russia before writing anything but the text of the consecration has been released and it's going to be another half assed one like all the others before it. 

Monday, February 28, 2022

As The Stomach Turns----The 2022 Appeal Has Officially Begun

When we arrived for Mass we saw that the children's choir was going to be singing and the cantor was better dressed than usual. When the kids sing at anything other than the Family Mass, it's a sign that something is up. 

This time it was because of the bishop's Lenten appeal. The financial take was way down for the last two years, the solicitation has been more aggressive than I've seen in my entire life. I've been getting emails every week reminding me to contribute and we have speakers from different groups come to Mass to talk about the Appeal. Fr. also spoke about Catholic Charities' immigration resettlement services and mentioned the 800 Afghan families that my diocese has taken in. Fr. assured us that all 800 worked for the US military in some capacity. 

After the Appeal talk, Father gave us a rousing pro-Ukraine speech and told us about the 13 soldiers on Snake Island who were all massacred by Russian forces. The same 13 soldiers who reports now say, surrendered and are all alive. Fr. also made a joke about his fat doctor. So that was it, propaganda and fat jokes. By the time Fr. was done I had an upset stomach. 

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Umm, Fr. Keehan? Do You Know What Rock & Roll Actually Refers To?


One thing that we need to face is that the Novus Ordo is essentially whatever the bishop allows. A priest can follow the  GIRM  or he may not. You can have a Mass that is as well done and reverent as a Novus Ordo can be done or you have absolute buffoonery. It's valid. It's in communion, the priest is in good standing  and unless the bishop has a problem with it all your letters of complaint will be sent to the delete folder. 

Fr. Terrence M. Keehan, the pastor of Holy Family Catholic Church in Inverness, Illinois recently had a televised Mass where for the final blessing he held up a guitar and prayed, "Loving God, rock with us as we roll with you. Affirm us, so that we may affirm others. Sing your song in us, that we may sing it with others,” and then he used the guitar like a monstrance and blessed everyone.

There has been a
lot of commentary about this.   I saw the photo and watched the video clip and felt like my cheeks tingle. That unusually happens when I'm shocked. I don't know how old Fr. Keehan is but he looks like he ought to be old enough to know that  the phrase "rock and roll" is  euphemism for sexual intercourse and has been at least since the 1930s. For a very small example, "Roll With Me, Henry", the original "Shake, Rattle and Roll", "Rock With U" and "Rock Me, Daddy," are not about dancing. Fr. Keehan may not have a musical, or anthropological background but come on, we all know on some level that the heart of Rock and Roll is shamanistic. It appeals to the lower passions. I think Fr. either meant well, although the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, or he was trying to cute but he did something appalling.  Would you simulate intercourse, howl, moan or jump around ecstatically before the Cross on Mt. Calvary? No, of course not so why is poor Father asking God Almighty to....I can't write it. 


Friday, February 25, 2022

You need to read this

 Non Veni Pacem  has just posted something chilling. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

random thoughts on a Wednesday


  • I am not a Taylor Marshall fan but I must say that the idea of him or any adult  debating Michael Voris seems ridiculous. 

  • A lot of people seem to want war with Russia over Ukraine. I wish these people would get on a plane with their sons, grandsons and nephews and leave the rest of the country out of it. 

  • It started before the Obama years but became insane in his era, but when will people realize that this cult of personality; this worship of the president is unhealthy? I've seen people react to others with a different political view point as if they've committed blasphemy. Because they worship their guy or gal, anyone who doesn't' is an enemy, an apostate and an evildoer. This is sick, pathetic and dangerous. I've seen this on the Left AND the Right.  The president is suppose to be the chief executive, not your god emperor. 

  • A lot of people need to hear what Father is saying. He doesn't mention it and probably didn't have time to get into it in a homily  but one terrible case of the public being lied to was the Mississippi Appendectomy. It wasn't an appendectomy and it wasn't just Mississippi. It happened all over the South with the approval, financial support and propaganda from government officials, Northeastern philanthropists and organizations like Planned Parenthood. Women, who were considered stupid, incorrigible, or mentally sub-normal or suffering from depression went in a surgery they were told was needed and were actually sterilized. Eugenics was practiced in the USA long before WWII and in a less heavy handed public way, it still is. 

  • Col. Allen West is running for governor of Texas. He says he'll revoke the

    charity license of Catholic Charities if he wins. It needs to happen.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Monday, February 07, 2022

Random thoughts on a cold Monday morning

  •   I refuse to give a dime to Catholic Charities. The organization takes government money to do works that do not benefit our  fellow citizens. People see the vans and planes full of illegal immigrants arriving in their little towns and they see the Catholic Charities logo on the volunteers escorting them and of course they're coming to the conclusion that the Catholics aren't on their side. This won't end well. 

  • Why is everyone so snotty towards old women? Why is "This is not your mother's or grandmother's …. a perennial advertising catch line? Why do so many Catholics act like the elderly don't have souls to save? I know a parish needs young families but heaping contempt on the elderly who survived the 70s and 80 and still come to Mass doesn't build up families. It just sets a bad example for your children who will one day turn a jaundiced eye towards you. 

  • When I saw the photo of the Australian policeman walking up and down the aisle of a church during Mass and demanding to see people's vaccination status I immediately was reminded of a movie that I saw as a child. I think it was filmed the end of the '30s or the  1940s about English pilots whose plane is shot down  in what I think was the Netherlands. The pilots are saved by a gallant local family and arrangements are made to get them safely out.

    On the day of their escape the pilots, dressed as locals go to Mass with the family and will discreetly blend in with the Sunday crowds filling the square and roads to the rendezvous point afterwards. An SS officer and soldiers come in. The armed soldiers stand  at the back of the church but the officer walks up and down the aisle intimidating people. The camera shows the priest, and a few of the appalled parishioners. The pilots sitting with the family are  nervous and although they don't appear to be Catholic, the close ups of their faces show that they are disgusted at this strutting SS officer and the desecration. 

  • People keep saying that Francis is dying of colon or pancreatic cancer but I don't buy it. My grandmother died of colon cancer. I don't think she weighed as much as 100 pounds at the end and Francis appears to weigh quite bit more than that. I've never seen a fat colon cancer end-stage patient.

    As for pancreatic cancer, my father-in-law, Big Daddy had it and when I saw him after his Whipple surgery I found that I had to struggle  to maintain my composure. He started out as a hugely fat man and was still large at the time of his death but he was visibly sick  and shockingly half the size he had been a few months earlier. He looked like the cancer was gobbling the fat right off him.

     Both my grandmother and my father-in-law were no longer interested in the world towards the end. Big Daddy had enormous charisma and normally commanded attention wherever he went.  On the last day I saw him alive, that spark was gone. He just didn't have the will or strength to dominate anymore. When you are seriously ill life gets very basic.  Francis is still active and obviously cares very much about worldly affairs. 

    He may have a serious, chronic condition.  At his age, that's highly probable but I don't think he's actively dying. Even if he were to die tonight it would not matter. Unless there is a miracle the next man to be elected pope will be no better than him. Look at the crop of cardinals we have. The good ones are weak and timid and the bad ones are riding high. 

    I don't want to come off as Negative Nelly but there is deep to the bone infection in the Vatican and is not just about Francis. He is the visible crown of the cyst, but there is so much more beneath the surface. 

Sunday, February 06, 2022

Don't put your trust in celebrities

 Milo Yiannopoulos  has claimed in the past that he's been at some pretty nasty parties where he noticed older men with "dates" who looked quite young. He also said that he won't name any of the supposedly famous men he saw at those parties because it would be indiscreet. Some people are shocked by this. I am not. If Milo is telling the truth his reaction seems to be the standard one.

A few months ago I was listening to a podcast where one member of the discussion panel mentioned that he had been to a Hollywood party and would decline any further invitations from his host because although he was no prude himself what he saw at the party left him disgusted and horrified. The other people on the panel reacted with gasps, looking away from the camera, and nervous laughs. One person "jokingly" warned him that it was dangerous to talk about that. The man told them not to worry and indicated that he'd never go into detail about what he saw beyond what he'd already said. Everyone looked relieved and the subject was changed. This was all in few minutes. 

The late romance novel author, Father Andrew Greeley alleged that there was a homosexual pederast ring of priests operating in the Chicago area.

"...But even in Chicago, the ring of predators about whom I wrote in the paperback edition of 'Confessions' remains untouched. There is no evidence against them because no one has complained about them and none of their fellow priests have denounced them. Those who have been removed are for the most part lone offenders who lacked the skill to cover their tracks. The ring is much more clever. Perhaps they always will be. But should they slip, should they get caught, the previous scandals will seem trivial...."

Fr. Greeley never claimed to have gone to the cops but he did state publicly that if these ring members were to cause any harm to him personally, arrangements had been made for their names to be released to the press. Fr. Greeley died years later  and guess what? The ring members, if they exist, must have gotten the message and didn't bother him because that accusation died with him.
Apparently, among our elites and people who have contact with them it is common knowledge that certain unnatural acts and crimes against God and nature happen all the time at certain gatherings. 
Be careful which celebrity who you turn into a hero or heroine. Odds are that they're either a coward or in their mind simply prudent, who will never go to the police or name names in public over what they've seen or they were the stars of the parties. I'll put it another way: In order for your favorite celebrities to be where they are; they probably saw some stuff and fearfully remain silent or they did some stuff that would make you sick. 

Monday, January 24, 2022

The Orthodoxy attaction

 As I've written before, a lot of people look at  Pope Francis and their  bishops, especially those who got to be bishops because of their McCarrick connections and are horrified.  The horror is compounded when they listen to another wishy washy or blasphemous  homily from Fr. Skippy. These folks, particularly men look at the Orthodox and are awed. Watch the Russian Orthodox Easter or Christmas service on YouTube and you'll see priests who look and sound like men. The churches are gorgeous and lift the mind to meditations on Heaven. They talk about penance, sacrifice, doing hard things like controlling ones own evil passions before presuming to tell the world anything.

Orthodoxy looks pretty good but it's like a make up tutorial. Underneath the paint and powder you have something that has flaws and serious problems on both the secular and sacred levels. Go lurk on any Orthodox discussion site and you'll come away shocked. You think Evangelicals hate Catholics? The Ortho sites are a river of vinegar, urine and bile towards Catholics and the various sects really hate each other. The grass isn't greener on the other side. It's just different grass. 

Friday, January 14, 2022

the Skojec saga isn't over but I think people are starting to realize that something is horribly wrong

 I was  just  looking back at my old posts that mention Steve Skojec. I liked him in the beginning but around 2014, I started noticing that he was changing. He got vicious and seemed to enjoy wallowing in drama. I remember when he attacked Ann Barnhardt's looks and when he later "jokingly" called her insane. That was foul and I don't think anybody in his circle or any professional Catholics publicly called him out on it. Shame on them.  I also remember when he started having tantrums and carrying on claiming to be struggling with his Faith in public.  And then we had the bizarre spectacle of him, a self appointed Catholic influencer who hated praying the Rosary and  didn't even go to Mass. Now he's either apostatized or is flirting with it. 

There are probably many lessons to take from this saga but the one that really captures my attention right now is this: God gave us the Church, the priesthood and the saints. Cling to the Doctors of the Church. Cling to the Catechism. Cling to the sacraments God gave us. Do not make some articulate person with an Internet presence into your Catholic guide. 


Thursday, January 06, 2022

random thoughts on a Thursday afternoon

"Filthy talk makes us feel comfortable with filthy action..." Pope St. Clement

  • Beware of people who crack "edgy" jokes all the time, especially the guy who casually sprinkles "pedo" in his conversation.

  • Here's a lesson a lot of people in Virginia learned the hard way with our big snow storm. Emergencies happen so keep a blanket, an extra charger and something to eat in your vehicle at all times. 

  •  Back in the 50s parents became alarmed at the content of comic books, particularly the EC Comics, which produced Vault of Horror and Tales From the  Crypt and the Shock Suspense series. The Shock series featured rape, with the rapist almost always being an authority figure, murder in graphic ways, mob attacks being a special favorite of the writers, cannibalism and adultery. Eventually Congress got involved and EC was forced to tone their stories down. For most of my life I've read commentaries bemoaning this because it was parental "hysteria," "Puritanism" and McCarthyism. Well, I've read some of these stories and they were not stuff that kids should have been reading. The folks who protested were right. I have to wonder how much damage this lurid stuff did to the minds of the Baby Boomers who read it.  The attack on children's innocence has been going on for a long, long time.

  • A palate cleanser...

Monday, January 03, 2022

Man of Sorrows

 This painting is incredible not only because of the halo which made of up the instruments of Our Lord's Passion but because Botticelli must have spent some time studying the Shroud or the Holy Face image in the Vatican. The wounds from the crown (cleaned up I'm guessing to allow the viewer to gaze upon the Face), and the swelling lip instantly reminded me of the Shroud .