Friday, February 16, 2018

This is not good

My husband, Rocky drove past a U-Haul business yesterday and we saw something stunning. A car was in the U-Haul lot and I guess the driver was looking for men to do the heavy lifting for his move. He called out to the crowd of Hispanic men sitting and standing on the lot and they ran to his car. There must have been 20 guys swarming his vehicle and all pointing to themselves, waving and shouting to him to pick them and we could barley see the car.

Packs of  men standing at the U-Haul, the gas station, and Home Depot is a common sight in Northern Virginia  and I refuse to go into a suburban 7-Eleven by myself anymore because of the men standing around on either side of  the door but I've never come across a feeding frenzy like this one. Those men are paid in cash so you know they aren't paying taxes on their income. The cheap craven idiot who hired them has no idea who they are or what they really did in their home countries nor does he care about his neighbors who walk or live near that lot and don't appreciate the drunkenness around quitting time or the urine, feces and sexual aggression. This is not good.