Wednesday, February 14, 2018

When someone deliberately or accidentally tells you who they are or what really believe, pay attention

  • An elementary school principal in Massachusetts has decided that he is really a woman. He's arrogantly sent out a letter to parents instructing them what to say to their children about this.  Well parents I have a suggestion for you. When I was a kid parents told children things like, "I don't want you to EVER go near Mr. X's house." or "If Mr. X EVER tries to get you alone with him I want you to run. If he touches you I want you to  kick, spit and start screaming about fire." I've come across people who recall that their parents never said a word about Uncle X but years later they realized that all the adults in the family discreetly made it impossible for any of the kids to be alone in a room with him. There is nothing new under the sun. Adults used to handle certain things to protect children. Today many of us, for fear of being called names, no longer do so. 
    Now back to the elementary school principal. He doesn't care how his poor wife or his 16, 18 and 23 year old children feel so he certainly won't give  a damn about what he's doing to the minds of his students. The older I get the more I become convinced that the public school system is hopeless. There's just no way to fix it.

  • I have a low opinion of permanent deacons. Steven Greydanus pretty much reaffirms my feelings with this glowing praise of a movie that promotes mortal sin.  Update: There was a big time backlash of opinion about the deacons love of this movie. He has softened his review and the original gushing one is no longer on You Tube.  Update: I found the video again. Go to point 6:49.