Saturday, August 10, 2019

I never want to hear this song sung in a church again

This spectacle took place in Saint Peter Apostle Church in Montreal. I cannot imagine that the pastor was unaware of it. The bishop must be okay with it as well because the priest has not been removed from his duties, nor has an exorcism been done at the church that we know of. I know a lot of people love this maudlin song and consider it to be some sort of modern hymn. I remember one Catholic writer getting teary about it and writing that it was bringing people back to Mass. It's not a hymn and I dismissed that once very popular writer as a flake. Hallelujah if used on a church context is a blasphemous song about hopeless lust and unhealthy relationships. Samson had no business being with Delilah. David had no business being with Bathsheba. Both men reaped suffering for rest of lives due to their choice of woman. 

Samson and Delilah by James Tissot

David and Bathsheba by James Tissot