Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Buffalo diocese got hit with RICO and Saturday afternoon random thoughts

  • The leadership brought this on themselves and nobody else to blame. 

"The Mass is not about adoring Jesus or even praying to Jesus." Fr. Thomas Reese S.J.
  •  If Saint Ignatius walked into Fr. Reese's office today I don't think he'd be smiling and I think he'd be carrying a whip.

  • Shirley Jackson once wrote a short story about self righteous woman who was happy to accuse others of being racist but ended up being upset and offended because the little black boy who she so happy to have her son play with was not poor and did not need the charity she offered. At the end of the story her embarrassed son walks outside with his buddy and asks him to excuse her. I was reminded of this when I read about the people in Portland who are protesting their new Nigerian priest because he says "He" when referring to God and Jesus among other things. This parish has been out in the moonbeams worshiping their own navels and Fr. Kuforjii is not having it. Hopefully if Father can't tame his wild parish the bishop will shut it down because judging from what I've seen from their behavior on camera these people are essentially Unitarians.