Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Trads In the Kill box?

I listened to a homily by what I'm guessing is either an ICKSP or   FSSP priest in which an earnest and devout Father X encouraged his listeners to stay calm and not worry about whether the order is sitting in a kill box and just waiting to be destroyed when Pope Francis gets around to it. After all, the Jesuits were suppressed and rose again.  Freaking out won't change a thing and a suppression may never come. I understood what the priest is saying here but I also get that people are scared and need to make decisions. People are wondering if they should  go through the trouble and in some cases the sacrifice of pulling up stakes and moving their family to be closer to a parish, oratory or monastery that has the traditional Mass when there is a possibility that it's all going to be shut down.

And then I watched this scene from King of Kings. The YouTube suggested viewing algorithm can be really funny at times.