Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Thank you, Maureen Mullarkey

It's fashionable in Catholic circles to screech at Catholics who attend the traditional Mass. Even some priests who only offer it zealously wield the criticism lash.  Maureen Mullarkey has written a defense of traditional Catholics-- the smallest group in the all the different groups that make up the Church. .

The pope is blessing idols. The cardinals and bishops are embezzling, smuggling illegal aliens, and taking catamites. Father Skippy is running a freak show in the rectory and his antics have driven people out the door and some right out of the Faith. Sr. Scowl of the Pantsuit is escorting women into the abortion clinic and  weird, heretical stuff is going on the various New Movements but it's the man or woman who prefer to go to the traditional Mass who is the problem... yeah sure...
This gas-lighting campaign against traditional Mass goers is good for one thing. It's shows that somebody is afraid. Thanks to Maureen Mullarkey for being the Joseph Cotton character.

Boyer, Bergman and Cotton in "Gaslight".