Friday, January 20, 2006

New high school for DC

The DC diocese is going to open a new high school in 2007. Twenty years ago Archbishop Hickey shut down Notre Dame, St. Patricks, St. Anthony's, Mackin, Immaculate Conception, All Saints and St. Cecilia. God only knows what the diocese did with the money. Except for Georgetown Visitiation, which is not owned by the diocese there are no all-girl schools left in DC. We still have St. John's, St. Anselms, (All male and unless you are handling some major cash or your kid is very smart, forget about them) DeMatha, Gonzaga and Archbishop Carroll (Co-ed or all male). At the time, many black Catholics felt that we got screwed.
Now, Cardinal McCarrick is going to open this Cristo Rey school. Good for him. I don't know how many actual inner city, (code word for black) kids will be going to it--- the school is in the Tacoma Park section which is not a black area and if it gets the reputation of being the "poor kids school", I'm not sure how many kids woud want to go.


Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Hmmm... McCarrick is actually going to break down and spend some money on Catholic KIDS?

Nice change of pace considering what they have been shelling money out for the past few years

Dymphna said...

I'm still stunned, myself.