Sunday, January 01, 2006

Random thoughts on the first day of 2006

  1. The uncrowned queen of Catholic blogging is The Anchoress This lady has the finest Catholic blog I've seen this year. It has serious reflections, a twinkly, downright Irish wit and fine writing.
  2. I need a spiritual director. Everyone in DC that I've contacted is too busy and I've been advised not to bother with anyone in the Arlington diocese so I've left a message with Opus Dei.
  3. The spot for my second favorite blog is a tie between the tough minded Relasped Catholic and the priest who writes under the nom de plume of Diogenes for Catholic World News. He's clever and refuses to sugar coat anything.
  4. I still like New Oxford Review. Nobody swings biggger you-know-what in Catholic bloggerville. They are fearless. No, I don't agree with everything they write. For one thing, I believe they're totally wrong about Scott Hahn but they have been saying things about the state of the church in America that need to be said and they've fought the good fight when the majority of us were just oblivious pew potatoes. For example, NOR was talking about the lavender mafia problem long before anybody else outside of ultra trad circles.
  5. Prayers for this guy and for Father Haley in Virginia.
  6. If I ever walk into a church where they think celebrating Kwaanza is the way to comfort black Catholics I'll spin on my heels and leave. Black Catholics have been around for a long time. We don't need some neo pagan crap to make us feel good.
  7. The people at Angelqueen sadden me. The Novus Ordo Watch folks scare me.
  8. My tough Catholic lady award goes to Carole Mckinley at Magisterial Fidelity.
  9. The priest who runs Dappled Things is fascinating. I can't figure him out but I enjoy reading his blog.
  10. Happy New Year, Y'all!


Moneybags said...

Hi Dympha:

You recently asked for a Saint for the Year to be randomly chosen for you. I'm happy to say that St. Juliana of Mt. Cornillon (feastday of 04/07) chose you!

Please let me know that you receive this message, and please let me know of any connections between your saint and you.

Julie D. said...

Amen on #1!