Wednesday, January 04, 2006

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Today is the feast day of Mother Seton. She is the first American born cannonized saint and the foundress of the Daughters of Charity and parochial schools in America. I went to Immaculate Conception Academy (It doesn't exist anymore. Cardinal Hickey sold the school in the middle of the school year and we were forced to merge with St. Anthony's.) which was run by nuns of St. Elizabeth's order. I've spent many happy hours at the St. Elizabeth shrine, and the Grotto of Lourdes shrine which is right next to the saint's shrine. I'm proud to be one of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's daughters and I keep an icon of her on my desk.

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Was unaware her day was the day after St Genevieve!