Friday, June 16, 2006

A Question

The time has come to ask the question: Other than the lectionary has ANYTHING good come out of Vatican II? I realize that the actual Vatican II documents NEVER told priests to start ballet dancing before the altar and not one Vat II document told the nuns to put on lipstick and to remove their habits but in the name of Vat II that's what happened. The average Catholic never read the official documents and has never read the GIRM and those who did got shouted down when they complained about the ocean of liturgical abuse.

In the name of the "Spirit of Vat II" we have Catholic schools that refuse to hang a crucifix on the wall. We have kids who can't say a Hail Mary and who have never seen a statue of the Infant of Prague. We have DREs who don't know what a novena is. We have gay groups meeting in the church basement and Catholics in name only running the liturgical committee, we have Eucharistic ministers defying (and winning in one case in my diocese) the priest when he tries to stop them from pouring the Precious Blood down the sink after Mass. We have churches that look Lutheran and where you have to hunt like a Blue Tic hound on the trail of a chain gang escapee to find the Blessed Sacrament. We also have cases where people are going to the tribunals and shamelessly demanding second or even third annulments.

I'm not being nostalgic. VatII happened before I was even born but I can see that something aint right. Can a reform of the reform work? I don't know but first we need to admit that the experiment didn't turn out the way it was advertised.


Screwtape said...

The late Alice Thomas Ellis (whose novels are highly recommended) wrote a book that answers your question: "The Serpent on the Rock." Her long peroration was published in toto in The Latin Mass magazine, where her conclusion was "nothing good came out of Vatican II" (and she did NOT exclude the lectionary from that assessment.)

For further valid assessments read the pertinent books of the late Micahel Davies ("Cranmer's Godly Order" and the three volumes of "Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre").

Of condemning interest is "The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber" by Father Ralph M. Wiltgen (who was in favor of the Council!).

The eleven volumes of Atila Sinke Guimarães', "Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani " (only four so far published in English) is a highly-documented exposé of that diabolical enterprise: especially the volume,"The Murky Waters of Vatican II" and the two volumes titled "Animus Delendi" (the desire to destroy).

The works of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre on the subject of the council are definitive ("I Accuse the Council" and "Open Letter to Confused Catholics"). He was present throughout the Council and attempted to thwart the carnage.

"Iota Unum" by Romano Amerio is also very good.

There are many more: these will do for a start.

If, after that, you have any doubts, then you are probably among the incorrigible recalcitrants and immune to evidence.

Many will attempt a variety of sophistical rebuttals, but they can't make a reasonable, intelligent case.

As a general observation: beware papolotry and all those who indulge in it. Follow only St. Paul's advice - if it isn't Truth, throw it out no matter the source.

Christine said...

I agree Dymphna.
I think Vatican II did alot more damage to the church than any good that might have come.
But I also see the tide turning.
It won't happen overnight, but I truly believe when Jesus said 'the gates of hell will no prevail against it'.

Screwtape said...

Well, Chris, "up to a point Lord Copper."

There is nothing in the promises of Christ to indicate that the Church, which indeed shall always prevail, will be in Rome. (At one time, after all, it was in Avignon, France, until a certain Saint kicked the papal derrière back where it belonged.)

There is a lot that has to happen, at least according to Fatima, before the event you have in mind occurs.

I don't see any "turning of the corner," matters keep getting worse - Catholics of this age cannot afford to wear the glasses of Pangloss; besides, it isn't a matter of turning corners, it's a matter of a total, complete, absolute, unqualified, full-fledged, no exceptions, return to the Church of the Ages and all it did and taught. As Bishop Williamson is fond of singing (I kid you not) God says "with me it's all or nothing, all or nothing at all."

When whatever is to happen does happen it could very well be over night. There's not much evidence that God necessarily works in increments.

With us, our pace is slow and progress incremental, true, but we must always be aiming for the full truth, learning where it is to be found and, as important, not to be.

Vatican II incorporated some big lies and what it didn't lie about, it fuzzed. It is chuck full of ambiguity distilled through the alembic of intellectual chicanery. This is why it was "pastoral" and not "dogmatic" (ah, but watch that one - it became dogmatic after a "decent interval.")

For anyone who knows how the modernist, the liberal, the leftist mind works, Wiltgen's "Rhine" book is enough of an eye opener.

See also the following by Malachi Martin: "The Final Conclave;'" "The Jesuits;" and "Windswept House." They don't deal directly with the Council, but they are relevant to the mentality and methodology that put it together.

Sandra said...

Pouring down the sink...? Why? How? I can't think of what to say, I am so utterly horrified.

Screwtape said...

Well, it's like this, Sandra:

First they poured what little brains they had down the sink. Not an excuse, just an explanation.

What I find surprising is that there's a priest left who tries to stop desecration and sacrilege.

His bishop or chancery better not find out. The priest will end up in Coventry.

The "average Catholic", referred to charitably as pew potato, doesn't read anything. He knows really nothing about what he thinks he might believe . . . maybe. At home, he's a couch potato - beer in one hand, remote in the other and he's asleep. He wouldn't know how to spell book. He's at the Novus Ordure (sic) because it's a social event that precedes his golf game.

As okay as the pre-Vatican II Baltimore Catechism might have been, it had one grievous fault. It explained the what, but never the why. That was actually the instructor's responsibility, and obviously he failed (I speak synecdochically).

Without a source for metaphysical groundwork, our spud lost his sense of the supernatural and the leprechauns in Rome cheered him on.

There were many culprits, but one stands out, because he could have stopped it.

Somewhere, one Karol Wojtyla is paraphrasing Marley's Ghost: I wear the necklace I made in life; I forged it millstone by millstone."

Things are now at such a pass that, as Bishop Williamson has said, "humanly speaking it's over for the Church; Divine intervention is the only hope."

Sandra said...

God help us. And I mean that most sincerely.

Screwtape said...

Absolutely right, Sandra, it's now come to that.

Hey, look, the first thing the first man did was louse things up.

Don't get discouraged, God's in charge and he's a little smarter than Adam or your local chancery official, even with his lipstick off.


Screwtape said...
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Screwtape said...

Dear Dymphna:

Just out of curiosity, did you ever locate an SSPX Mass in Virginia?

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

If Vatican II did such a lot of damage, how can it have been a true Council of the Church?

If it was not a true Council of the Church, how can "John XXIII" and "Paul VI" have been popes?