Friday, June 30, 2006

Random thoughts on a Friday night

  1. If this rogue nun had kept her habit on and stayed in the convent this mess never would've happened. Call me old fashioned but I just don't trust nuns with pearls and salon hair cuts.

  2. I don't blame the Papal Nuncio for this. It's possible that he doesn't even know who John Kerry is (although Archbishop Wuerl surely does) AND it is possible that the senator went to Confession that morning but dang it this makes me very sad. Bishop Todd Brown is grabbing old women who dare kneel for Communion and the Papal Nuncio is giving Communion to John Kerry. We live in bizarro land.
  3. A View From the Pew writes about a vision of Ven. Anna Catherine Emmerich that left me stunned for a minute. Sr. Emmerich was never my favorite mystic but I'm going to have to read more of her revelations now.
  4. I did a stupid thing this morning. I went to Mark Shea's blog. Ugh! May I never do that again.

  5. Hooray! The new issue of Les Femmes is online.

  6. The charming and single Carolina Cannonball just put up a post about her love for Harry Potter. Last year I would've been right there with her but after the last book I have to say that I've soured on the series. I'm not saying that HP is evil but I now think that the series really isn't all that great. Remember how we all loved Dynasty and Dallas when we were kids? Bet you wouldn't be caught dead watching either show on the TV Land station now. I think Harry Potter may turn out to be the literary equivavlent of Dynasty.

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Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

I don't blame the Papal Nuncio for this. It's possible that he doesn't even know who John Kerry is...

I dunno 'bout that, Dymph! The Nuncio is essentially the Ambassador from The Vatican. I'd like to think that the Church's ambassador to this country just might have a clue as to who the political heavy hitters are.

But in all fairness.... there is a glimmer that what you say could be correct.

BTW, I see Samizdat isn't posting much anymore!