Thursday, June 22, 2006

Random thoughts for a Thursday night

1. Yesterday was interesting. We went to St. Matthew's Cathedral for 5:30 PM Mass and the Miraculous Medal novena. We saw two priests and at first I assumed they were visiting and then I thought that they must belong to Archbishop Wuerl's staff. The tall, gray one walked past us looking carefully at everything and then I realized that it was the archbishop. A reporter stopped my husband on the sidewalk in front of the cathedral and asked him what he thought of the new archbishop. Rocky reacted like a pro. His response was cautious but hopeful. Thank God the reporter didn't ask me anything because I probably would've blurted out what I really think. So far from what I've read and been told I'm afraid that Wuerl is going to be another McCarrick and I don't mean that in a good way. And speaking of Cardinal McCarrick this cartoon pretty much sums it all up.

Today Rocky went to the installation Mass for the archbishop at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. He said it was a gorgeous Mass. He saw the Knights of St. Peter Claver, the Equestrian Knights, about 200 priests, a bunch of bishops, the monsignor and parochial vicar from our parish and Lt. Governor Michael Steele.

2. St. Thomas Moore, St. John Fisher pray for us. May we have more laymen and bishops like you.

3. The Episcopalians elected a woman to be a bishop. All the big time Catholic blogs have gone into vapors over this it but I can't figure out why. This is a heretical sect started by a man who wanted to marry his mistress. A good tree doesn't grow out of poisoned soil.

4. How come Catherine of Aragon was never beatified at least? She was definitely a martyr for the sanctity of marriage, and church teaching.


Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Number three had me laughing

Number four had me agreeing

Excellent random thoughts

Screwtape said...

From Wandering, Wondering Samizdat:

Number three: good point. I'd laugh, too, had the next one not been a certain Boleyn. Which cuminated in a lot of nasty things done to a lot of good people.

Number four: agreement, also. While we're nominating, how about adding Mary Queen of Scots. Maybe we're stretching the rubrics, but, ye gods, we've had "Good" Pope John!