Friday, June 02, 2006

Road Trip!

My husband, Rocky and I went to Pennsylvania's Dutch Country for a few days and as much as I like parts of Pennsylvania I have to say that the states up North have lousy direction signage. We saw not one highway sign saying that the exit to Dutch Country was ____ miles. You just see this vaugely worded sign for York and Harrisonburg and we intuited that we had to take US 30 towards York because Harrisonburg was way in the wrong direction.

Really PA you guys need to get on the ball. Tourists are stupid, give us a break and we and our lovely money will come back to you.

Anyway we stayed in the Fulton Steamboat Inn and we took a great tour of Amish farms and businesses and we met a number of Plain People. The Amish broke away from the Mennonites because they thought the Mennonites were too soft. The Mennonites were founded by a Catholic priest who went rouge. Nothing is new under the sun. When a priest goes bad he always does it in a big way.

On the way home we stopped at the Grotto of Lourdes shrine in Emmittsburg and we visited the Blessed Sacrament at the Immaculate Conception chapel at Mount St. Mary's Seminary.


Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Nothing quite like that giant golden statue of The Holy Mother overlooking the valley, is there?

Sounds like you and your hubby had a grand time!

M. Alexander said...

Dear Dymph,

When you used the phrase "went rogue" I couldn't help but think of my all time favorite show- La Femme Nikita. You wouldn't happen to be a fan would you?

Also, thanks for the comments on my blog. I would like to add you to my listing of Trad Cath women bloggers called Les Femmes Sinister. Let me know if that's okay. mlalexand99 @ (no spaces).