Monday, July 23, 2007

bikini car wash

Sunday Rocky and I were driving along when we passed a Methodist church. They were having a charity car wash and all the girls were wearing bikinis or bikini tops with skimpy shorts. The boys were wearing shorts and t-shirts but they were doing the drying. The girls were the ones getting wet. This was probably deliberate. If I were a member of that church I'd be in the pastor's face and who ever is in charge of the kids asking why they chose to pimp out the girls like that.

I guess we live in such a pornified culture that even Christians think its cute to use sex to sell a product.


Anonymous said...

It's horrifying isn't it? My boys & just saw Madonna cavorting on TV..& i explained to them she doesn't let her own children watch stuff like that..but it's OK for us not!

Dymphna said...

Oh Madonna is the worst. She's a complete hypocrite.

Coffee Catholic said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe a CHURCH would pimp out it's own girls like that. How sick!