Saturday, July 14, 2007


When I read these words of Bishop Brandolini, "I can't fight back the tears. This is the saddest moment in my life as a man, priest and bishop..." "It's a day of mourning, not just for me but for the many people who worked for the Second Vatican Council. A reform for which many people worked, with great sacrifice and only inspired by the desire to renew the Church, has now been cancelled, "I was filled with disgust.

I felt disgust that a grown man would indulge in such sissy talk and I felt ashamed for him. I am old school when it comes to men--- well okay, I'm old school period. There are only five times when I want to see a man publicly fighting back tears : The country had been attacked. His beloved wife has died. His parents or a child have died. His best buddy has died. His faithful old dog has died. Any other time I expect him to contol himself. If the freeing of the old Mass is the saddest moment of Bishop Luca Brandolini's life then I have to wonder what kind of pastoral experience he's had all these years. Has he never counseled sinners in the confessional? Has he never said a funeral Mass or given last rites to a previously hardened sinner? Has he never lost a friend or family member?



Anonymous said...

i agree..though a man can cry tears of joy say at his daughter's birth!

Coffee Wife said...

I know what you mean! That sissy talk just about made me sick. I can't stand that kind of limp-wristed nonsense coming from a man - least of all a man who is a LEADER IN MY CHURCH!!!!!!!!

Dymphna said...

Jackie,I was so annoyed I actually forgot about tears of joy.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

The kind of man who might have canvassed for Bergoglio?