Saturday, July 21, 2007

A sick culture breeds monsters

In a Florida slum a woman and her child were raped by as many as 10 teenaged boys. Other things happened which I will not print here but not one neighbor called the police. Not one "neighbor" came to the aid of this suffering woman and her child. They ended up walking to the hospital for help.

Take a good long look at this story, America. While we were all watching Oprah, OJ, Anna Nicole,, Paris Hilton and hyperventalating over Lindsay Lohan and that silly creature, Angelina Jolie; a segment of our society was bubbling and rotting without our notice.

The average black kid is born out of wedlock and what happend this month in West Palm Beach is the natural result of such a deformed culture. Underclass black boys grow up with a tired, often angry mother and a dad who's either an occasional visitor or is just plain gone for good.

They grow up in a sea of misogyny. Rap and Hip Hop are incredibly woman hating forms of music. When they aren't listening to the music they live in places where it is perfectly normal to hear men refer to women as bitches an ho's (slang for whore) in their casual conversations. It is also sadly normal to hear black women of all classes refer to black men as worthles, dogs or merely sex mad fools who need to be managed or hustled.

Feminists talk about being free to have kids or not, to continue living one's own wicked life just as one did before the kids were born, and to get married or not but the reality is nothing like what the feminists promised.

So what's to be done about this? Much but it will cost sacrifice and that's a dirty word in America today.

  • First, black women are going to have to start expecting and demanding better treatment from men.
  • Stop having sex outside of wedlock.
  • Get an education.
  • Get out of the old neighborhood as often as you can and pay attention to how other cultures live.
  • Get rid of any friend who tries to drag you down.
  • Observe the succesful people at school or at work. Learn from them.
  • Promise yourself that you'll never settle for life on welfare even if your mom, her mom and her mother before her all did.
  • If you already are a single mother get your kids, especially your son into a stable situation. Find a decent man for them to look up to.

Moms' are great. They can be heroic. They can be noble. They can be self-sacrificing, mine certainly was, but mom is not dad. Kid's need a dad in their lives and if you have an entire culture where nobody has a dad don't be surprised in you end up with feral, hostile, violent boys.

Our Lady of America, have mercy on us.


Sanctus Belle said...

Excellent post - one thing I'd alter though: instead of "stop having kids out of wedlock" I'd say "stop having sex outside of marriage"

You are right on target.

Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Any chance you'll ever run for political office.... seriously!

Your common sense is a refreshing break from the absolute stupidity that's shoved down our throats.

DYMPH '08!

Dymphna said...

Santus, you're right. I'll change that. Sex outside of marriage is the first sin that leads to everything else.

Vir, I'd be too shy to run for anything but thanks for the vote.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Thanks for changing.

If there is sex outside wedlock, it being open to life is a mitigating, not a worsening, circumstance.