Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rocky and Dym go on an accidental pilgrimage

Well, Rocky and I had a day off so we decided to visit the Camelite nuns of Port Tabacco, Maryland convent. It is the first convent in America. We went to the gift shop first and picked up scapulars (Rocky has worn his out) books, and of course, magnets to decorate the fridge. Next we went to the chapel and that was such an exquisite experience. We saw a mother deer with triplets and a fat, saucy ground hog and a raccoon. Monastery life agrees with the wildlife.

After touring the historic building and being awed that four sisters survived in such a small, primitive building we walked by the hermitages and stopped for a few minutes in the visitors hall. We left and continued onto Sacred Heart Church. They have perpetual adoration and we were delighted to find five people in the chapel with us adoring Our Lord.

Next we drove to Saint Ignatius, (1641!) the oldest continualy used Catholic church in America. It was part of the Underground Railroad which ferried escaped slaves to freedom. The parish also has a magnificent chapel for perpetual adoration. Rocky and I both walked in and gasped for joy. It was so beautiful. I dropped to the floor and stayed there in contemplation. It was a powerful experience. Later we chatted with retired Fr. who is in residence.

Next Rocky was starved so we went to Bear Creek BBQ. He had ribs and chicken. I had minced pork. Tasty!

We then drove to St. Mary's, Maryland and looked at the historic campus and the river. It was getting late so we drove home.


elena maria vidal said...

I have been to those places! They are so special!

Dymphna said...

They truly are. I think any Catholic who happens to be in this area should make this trip at least once.

Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Ahhh.... I remember the days I was stationed at Patuxent River naval Air Station (Marine Corps Security Forces).

I LOVED St. Mary's County! 16 parishes in a 20 mile radius of our home.