Friday, April 25, 2008

the cardinal mccarick rumor rises again

Richard Sipe has openly accused Cardinal McCarrick of being a homosexual. I've met the cardinal and never got a gay vibe from him and frankly, let's consider the source. Mr. Sipe is a former priest and apparently has his own axe to grind. If he's had evidence of immorality on the cardinal's part why didn't he use it years ago? Don't just dredge up an old story ---- the beach house in Jersey rumor has floated around like sewer gas for years--- tell us names, dates, and provide witnesses. Put up or shut up.


TRP said...
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TRP said...

Yes, there's reason to be sceptical, but there's also reason to treat this with some seriousness. The testimony seems to be coming from credible sources, it's quite consistent, and it's been consistent for years. However, I doubt that anything will happen because Cardinal McCarrick is in retirement and no longer has any real control over the Archdiocese. That his resignation was accepted as soon as McCarrick was required by Church law to offer it suggests that the Pope had some concerns about the man.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

He's retired, no longer has control over a diocese. Sipe should have came with this earlier.