Saturday, April 12, 2008


For the last few days I've not felt well. I've been having smashing headaches, been dizzy, cranky and tired. It's mainly due to working too hard and not eating lunch until I start feeling sick and longing to smack my boss over the head, (silly woman saw a movie on TV last week and now thinks she knows all about my "oppressive" church). Rocky was/is very concerned which made me feel guilty.......

There was a respite. Today I stayed home instead of my usual schedule and felt human again. On Sunday I stayed in bed until I had to go out. Mass was lovely and Father's homily got my attention. He reminded us that the happy sheep obediately follow the Good Shepherd. When they wander off they get into trouble. Fr. asked us how many times we play cafeteria Catholic and pick and choose what we will deign to obey from Mother Church. He reminded us that Tradition comes from the apostles, who of course got everything from Jesus. When we play games with the truth we are rejecting Christ, who is the Truth.

Finally, Fr. exorted us to read the words of the Holy Father and not to just blindly accept what the media says he said. He also reminds us the Holy Father wears a pallium (bishops do too) that is a symbol of his sent-by-God- to- be- a- shepherd of our souls status.

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