Sunday, April 27, 2008

Simplex priests

Are there still simplex priests? I was listening to Fr. Theoden give the homily yesterday when I was suddenly reminded of just how smart he is. I mean, he has a really superior mind. What do men do who feel called to be a priest but know full well that they don't have the academic mind for it?


Kit Brookside said...

Hi D -

Ask Fr. Trigilio! Adrienne posted a link to his blog, Black Biretta, and it's on my blog now, too.

I think there's a place for everyone, it is simply a matter of finding the right order who acknowledges the love and service as much as they do academics - if a man's love of Christ and desire to serve are evident, if his understanding of the Word of God is sufficient, there must be a way. (Bl. Andre Bessette comes to mind). It takes a _seeing_ vocation master, I think.

I just hit my 100th post and was dreadfully behind on gratitude for awards, so stop on by. I have really enjoyed your posts since I started up last fall. Thanks!

pam j said...

St. John Vianney comes to mind. He was not smart and had to try several orders before any would allow him to study for the priesthood. His gift of "reading souls", and hearing confessions for hours is legendary. Once again, we are reminded that God does not always pick the smartest, but frequently picks the humble.

DigiHairshirt said...


They become American Bishops.

Sanctus Belle said...

Simple, by willing to do God's will they can become St. John Vianney.

Carolina Cannonball said...

Digi, Oh Snap!

a thorn in the pew said...

My son, although young, is interested in the priesthood. I do not want to give him false hope for this reason. I often pray for the interecession of Vn. Solanus Casey, a simple man who had a wonderful life and ministry. If God sees it His will, I will continue to hope for him.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Digi, are you referring to the theological Robber Baron?

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Like what he did here:

Fr. Robert Barron on Bill Maher and Biblical Interpretation
Bishop Robert Barron

To which my answers are here:

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere : ... against false sophistication of the Robber Baron of Theology