Saturday, January 03, 2009

random, raggedy New Year's thoughts

  • Whenever someone writes or talks about their "faith journey," my immediate mental reaction is "Oh man, who farted?"

  • If Henry Ford hadn't been such a mean old bastard to his employees we might not have the UAW today.

  • Whenever someone bemoans the fact that modern Catholics don't evangelize I want to ask, "Dude, evangelize into what?" The average American Catholic is a Romanized Protestant. He doesn't even know his Faith and has been taught that every body's faith journey (see above) leads to God and that the church was wrong about darn near everything until 1962.

    He spends his time working on social justice issues (making an ass-nuisance of himself at the local military base, or handing out turkeys that he didn't buy at the local shelter once a year, or smiling inanely when the gay lector kisses his boyfriend in front of the church) instead of adoration because that's old fashioned. He laughs at his relatives who still wear a scapular and has two or more Obama stickers on his car. If you asked him to pray the rosary with you he'd probably decline because it takes too long. How the heck is this guy supposed to evangelize?

  • I think the reason why the people in so many Northern Virginia parishes are rude is because they're mostly government workers who just moved here and don't have any manners.

  • The saddest thing about this photo is that apparently not one New Yorker walked up to the illiterate savage and took the sign away.

  • Muslim immigration ought to be cut or at least severely cut down and while we're at it; legal immigration from countries that have nothing in common with ours should be cut out. A few years ago the Episcopalians brought a huge number of Somali refugees to my neighborhood. It was horrible. These poor people had never seen a toilet or sink or stove before.

    The fire department had to come once and sometimes twice a week because of all the fires. It was dangerous and unpleasant. Standing around in your nightclothes at 2 in the morning because the Somali lady next door tried to cook her goat the way she was used to at home was not fun. Plus beating one's wife or cutting up a daughter's clitoris and leering at American women going to the pool are not acceptable here. My neighbors raised a huge stink and the Somalis vanished. I have no idea where they were resettled but I don't think the Episcopalians will pull this trick again here.

  • Isn't it odd how everybody wants to be a Eucharistic minister but nobody is around to help Fr. carry the donated canned goods to the church pantry?

  • I wish Caroline Kennedy took more after her Bouvier blood than the Kennedy side.

  • I have a feeling that on January 21st, the media will start writing stories claiming that everything is great and that Americans are just being whiny, racists if they don't agree.

  • The meanest thing this country ever did to black people after the Jim Crow laws was the War on Poverty. Easy welfare unmanned the black man, turned him into a stud and forced the black woman into being superwoman---most black mothers have no husband and are told by our toxic culture and the country that sends the welfare check/snare-- that they don't need one anyway.


R J said...

Loved your comments on the Somalis. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't knock us federal workers. I'm VERY nice...just don't try to hold my hand during the Our Father or kiss/hug me during the Sign of Peace and we'll get along just fine.


Do you know why they did not take the sign away? They wanted everyone to see how stupid he was. Besides, they were laughing to hard, that they couldn't even if they tried.