Saturday, December 30, 2017

Ugly music from the "beautiful" people

In order to make it big in Hollywood you have to do disgusting things. In order to make it big in the pop music world you have to do disgusting things. At some point it rots the soul and the "stars" commit revolting blasphemy in order to signal to their masters and fans that they are totally in the cool kids fold. When this happens you, the fan have a choice, either frown and  sigh and then buy the singer's next album anyway or drop them.
Back in 1989, Madonna gyrated and rubbed herself on a statue of St. Martin de Pores in her "Like A Prayer," video. I was not a good Catholic back then but I was shocked and horrified. I had been a fan of hers since high school but I saw that video and bam-- I turned my back on her forever.
 Now Beyonce and Jay Z have lost their minds and are acting like they are demi gods.  A few months ago Beyonce dressed up in a costume that was a mockery of Our Lady now she and her husband have done a video that takes place in a church. I hope it's just a film set and CGI but it's clearly supposed to be a Catholic church.  If it is a real church God help  the pastor and his flock.


The more Thy Holy Church is despised, the more we shall endeavor to be her faithful children, O Sweet Heart of Jesus!


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You would think at some time that we have become so extreme that rebellion would involve moving to the good. We apparently are not there yet, but what's coming next (sex robots on the general market? decriminalization of pedophilia? bestiality as a norm?) may wake up people who are still at least relatively human. It's a hard culture in which to raise children, that's for sure. I pray for my grandkids every day and I urge the ones getting ready for college to remember where they come from!

Frank said...

My advice to my high school age nieces is: don’t bother going to college unless you plan on going for a graduate degree of some kind. There is nothing there worth learning at 99% of the schools. Go to a community college or trade school instead. The mindset of “everyone has to have a college degree” is a fiction created by the education establishment to secure their income stream. It was bought into by large corporations who can keep employees more dependent on their jobs when they have college debt on top of rent or mortgages and car payments. The uselessness of most undergrad degrees has only increased in recent decades with the wholesale abandonment of substantive curricula outside of math and science and computer engineering. Not to demean those disciplines, but without a foundation in liberal arts you end up with one-dimensional illiterates who can’t reason their way out of a wet paper bag. Millennials, I’m talking about you!

Frank aka @txtradcatholic