Friday, December 22, 2017

Tacky, blasphemous and insulting -- the Vatican Nativity scene

Blasphemy is the attempt to bring dishonor the Church, the saints, holy things and Our Lady and God, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The Vatican nativity set is repulsive and blasphemous because of the lewd male figure but it's also distasteful because of what the designers did with the statue of Mary. She is as big as the men. Her hands are huge and so is her neck and her face looks....unfeminine, like a man in drag and what is going on with her  weird squatting pose? At first I only noticed the lewd body builder hanging out with his ankles dangling over the wall but after reading this from Lifesite I see that the whole thing is rank.

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Kathleen1031 said...

It is beyond disappointing that no one has shown up with a mallet to take care of this thing. It is everything you said, and have you seen the "angels"? They look like horrified boys, and have ample cleavage. I don't know about you, but I've never seen angels represented with those expressions. The cleavage has contrasting paint, as ladies would use on their d├ęcolletage, to make it more pronounced.
I just listened to two minutes of this destroyer pope's Christmas Eve homily. He turned the story of the birth of Christ into his predictable immigration story.
God deliver us from this disastrous papacy.