Saturday, December 16, 2017

Well this is embarassing

Father is almost 50 years old for pity's sake. 

Does this piece of fresh hell look like a starving beggar in the streets of Bethlehem or does he look like he went weight lifting this morning, hit the bars, got high and stripped naked? The guy handing him the sheet looks more disgusted than compassionate. I imagine him saying, "Oh come on man, cover yourself and go home."  The  nude guy and his louche pose is  part of the Vatican nativity scene and this is even more embarrassing than Father's Star Wars fetish.


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

I can't see any problem for a man of 50 years to watch Star Wars.

I could see a problem for a Christian to watch a film quasi preaching Jediism.

Unfortunately a certain "ageism" which in your case is seemingly against seeing Star Wars "at fifty" is in France operative for reading Narnia at my age. Or Lord of the Rings. I think you would agree to disagree with the French "ageism" on those ones, right?

Donna said...

I believe in a celibate priesthood. In a backhanded way, this post demonstrates the civilizing power of wives. Few, if any, wives would put up with this behavior—definitely the second one.