Sunday, December 10, 2017

Our Lady of La Salette, who wept over the Church, pray for us.

I was talking to a relative who was quite upset by Pope Francis and the proposed change to the Our Father. He asked why I was so calm. I told  him that I'm not really calm inside but  I intend to ignore any attempt to mess with the Our Father.  I've heard the testimony of older people who talked about how they had to go to hotel rooms, private homes and many times to places that were far out of the way to attend the a traditional Latin Mass. I do not particularly want to go through most of what they did  but if it comes to it I will simply have to imitate my betters who held on and remained Catholic no matter what.  I just finished reading The Dictator Pope and sadly, it explains a lot. Our Lady of La Salette, who told us to expect sad times in the Church, please pray for your children.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for another insightful post, Dymphna. I haven't read The Dictator Pope, but I intend to. I postponed a bit wondering if I really need to know. But since I study and write about matters in the Church, I think it's prudent to do so. How else can we respond to those who ask what's going on in the Church? A friend and I were discussing how active the Masons are in South America and I will be interested if that issue is raised in the book.

And thank you for the reminder of Our Lady of La Salette. We need her intercession now more than ever.

Johanna Donovan said...

I wonder if your readers know there is a national Rosary being said today
in the manner of the ones in Ireland and elsewhere? There are
designated areas in each state to attend but barring that possibility,
saying it at home today would work.

newguy40 said...

For about one year, the only TLM in the diocese was held on sunday's in a Catholic Mausoleum.
Could only fit ~50 people, no kneelers and more than sweltering in central cali summer. It was very difficult as it was ~3 hour round trip, too. I've been going to the local SSPX chapel the past 8 weeks or so. Wow. What a difference from the local NO. I find myself at peace before and after Mass again. What a great blessing.

I'll skip the book.

Read up on our lady of Akita, too. I find myself only interested in reading orthodox writings. I think I understand the state of the Church pretty well. If I only focus on the bad things, I grow very sour.