Wednesday, December 20, 2017

random thoughts after being sick

  • I was reading Randy Engel's Opus Dei Watch piece on AKA Catholic and saw that so far most of the people  making comments did a very tiresome but very common thing. The topic is X and somebody introduces Y and then other people chime in on Y and completely high jack the conversation. Look, if the SSPX is not good enough for you and the FSSP is too wishy washy and you'd never set a willing foot in a Novus Ordo parish, where do you go? The CMRI and the other Thuc line priests? Some people think they are too weak and only trust the independent chapels. Other's are Home Aloners who don't trust anybody. All this is interesting but Mrs. Englel wrote about Opus Dei. The people harping on anything else are just being like the old boor who can't change his pet subject and won't talk about anything else.

  • Rocky was attending a company event and ran into someone who recognized him from our parish. The lady is one of the volunteer cleaners for another Mass and has seen Rocky and the other ushers. She mentioned that he's always so kind and patient and knowing what kind of person he is, she is an ally if he ever needs anything from her department. You never know who knows you.

  • Another example of "you never know who knows you," happened to Rocky and I both, several years ago. We were speaking to Bishop Loverde after Adoration and out of the blue a young man whom we'd never noticed before piped up, "I've seen you two at St. Rita's.

  • Last week I got too cold while going to work. I felt exhausted and chilled to the bones on Wednesday night and by Thursday morning I had a 104 fever. I'm just now starting to feel good. I'm so behind and I'm really wishing I had  done my grocery shopping earlier and bought a prelit Christmas tree last year instead of fighting with strings now. 

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