Sunday, September 25, 2005

Seminary visit

I have a friend who wanted to be a priest. He went to a seminary on the East Coast that had a reputation for being a good place. He discovered that homosexual activity was going on in the open. One of the VIPs at the seminary was openly gay and flirted with the students. You could "play" with Father X, or you could tell him that you didn't swing that way and ignore him as best you could, but if you complained your vocation was put in danger. My friend left, brokenhearted. He's a deacon today but he remembers his time at the seminary with sadness. Crap like this needs to stop.

Judging by the comments floating around in the Catholic blogosphere most folks are against the molestation of boys but want to keep their gay priests and seminarians provided that they are chaste. Well shucks and thanks for nothing. How do you KNOW Father Light in the Loafers is maintaining chastity? If he can't hide the fact that he's gay from his parishioners what do you think he's doing in private? Do you want somebody like this in the priesthood? I don't.

In the 1950s version of Three Musketeers, Van Hefflin, playing Athos says to his wife, Milady, played by Lana Turner that he loves her still but he doesn't dare trust her (she's confessed to killing a number of people) and he can't send her on her merry way. For the sake of the innocent he can't just ignore what she is so he hands her over to the authorities to be executed.

We don't dare go back to the way things were. You must love the sinner but you don't give him access to your kids. We can't afford to let another kid be molested, we can't afford to let another person lose their Faith becasuse they broken hearted over the scandals.

Most of the pedophoile cases have involved a man and a little boy or a teenaged boy. How do we prevent this? One way to start is to make it plain that the man who has SSA is to be pitied and prayed for but he is also not to be put in a position where he's tempted constantly.

The buck has got to stop somewhere. Clean up the seminaries.