Sunday, November 13, 2005

it's a mystery

Why is Mark Shea the king of Catholic blogdom? His blog is not funny. He's often mean and is always picking fights with people. I don't get it.

My search for a good Catholic newsy blog goes on. I checked out awhile back and didn't like it. Those folks are too bitter for my taste.


Catholic Fire said...

Hi Dympha,

C'mon over and visit me at Catholic Fire. My blog includes: pro-life news and views, movie and book reviews, brief biographical sketches of the saints, poetry, prayers, and musings. I think you'll enjoy it.

While you're there, please sign up on my Frapr map -- on the right side.

God bless you,

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

He's often mean

You think so?

Say I who, as a Geocentric, have been indirectly a butt end of his possible meanness.

I made a few replies to him ...

HGL's F.B. writings : Mark Shea Asking For the Commenter he Blocked

New blog on the kid : On Spirographs and Standard Candles - Cosmic Markers for Mark Shea

Creation vs. Evolution : And Mark Shea bungled Mythical with Allegorical ... *sigh* ...

New blog on the kid : Mark Shea tries to explain Indulgences to Protestants