Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Birthday Jesus

At the 10:30 Christmas Mass at the Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in DC, the celebrating priest led the worshippers in a chourus of Happy Birthday Dear Jesus. How lame. Mnsgr. Bansfield hasn't even been gone a year yet and the fruit loops are blooming already.


David L Alexander said...

Do you suppose that, out of the many liturgical events that can occur at the National Shrine in a given day, that there might not be one nut job in a Roman collar, who decides to "wing it" at a moment's notice, when he thinks no one is watching? I'm bettin' dollars to doughnuts the errant priest got a good talking-to by the folks in charge, once it got back to them.

At least it better have.

Kevin K. said...

Surprisingly enough, I am well aquinted with the priest in question. It is unfortunate that he had the congregation sing happy birthday. More unfortunate, however, is your use of the term 'fuit loops'. The insinuation is inappropriate and quite uncharitable. The priest, who shall remain nameless in this forum for fear of further libel, is a good and holy man. He was there during the rectorship of Bishop M. Bransfield and was a close friend and confrere of the good rector.
This priest does not make a regular habit of liberal and irreverent behaviors. Rather, his singing of happy birthday on the Nativity of Our Lord and on the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary have been regular occurrances for the past several years. They are born out of a deep devotion of Our Lady and to her Son. Please don't be so quick to decide that (then) Msgr. Bransfield was the only thig keeping the Shrine orthodox. Please do not jump to the assumption the this priest was intentionally blasphemous and irreverent. Please do not imply that the current rector lacks controll or devotion. Finally, libel is low and catty. If liturgical abuses are occuring someone must notice and make noise. This is true. However, this is not a case of abuse. Simply put, it is a case with potential for distaste. I, personally, hate it when he does his birthday bit. This does not mean that it is inappropriate. Nor does it mean that he is a bad priest or a 'fruit loop'.