Tuesday, December 27, 2005

random thoughts

1. Why does anybody pay any attention to Andrew Sullivan?

2. Why was so much attention paid to the Indian Ocean tidal wave last year? Not that it wasn't a tragedy but people are being slaughtered, raped, and enslaved in the Sudan every day. The victims are screaming for help but they get only sporadic attention.

You want human misery? Heck, come take a walk with me in inner city Baltimore. You want shocking sights? Go visit the projects in Philly. You want to gawk at a genuine nightmare? Step inside your local crack house. I guess you need a beach, open prostitution, and a luxury hotel that none of your people can afford to got to for the West to care about your plight.

3. Why is everybody so down on the parishioners of
St. Stanislaus? I'm not saying they're right but they aren't the worst out there by a long shot. There are many churches around this country that are openly heretical. How come their boards don't get excomunicated? How come the pederast priests weren't all instantly excomunicated?

4. We are supposedly living in the Age of the Laity. How come no-one will admit that so far it's been a bust?

5. How come dissident Catholics don't just leave? Take a page from Martin Luther's book. Start your own church and leave the rest of us in peace.

6. The women of America abort more children in a week than King Herod ever dreamed of killing. How long do we think God will stay His hand?

7. When it comes to New Orleans my give a damn is busted. Yes, I know.... I know....

8. We pray for priests and nuns but when our relatives express the feeling that they have a vocation many of us try to talk them out of it.

9. When did it become fashionable to bring food and water to Mass? I can't count the number of water bottles I've seen in the pews.

10. Ever notice that the media loves it when black people behave badly? At the LA Lakers/ Miami Heat basketball game all the announcers could talk about was that this was a chance for Kobe and Shaq to mix it up. They seemed disappointed that not only did Shaq and Kobe not get into a fight on the court but they both concentrated on the game and not each other. The reporterette who spoke to Shaq at the end of the game didn't ask him about basketball but had to bring up his feelings about Kobe. I was very pleased that Shaq didn't even answer her. It reminded me of how shocked media talking heads were that there was no riot over Tookie Williams. I always find it interesting that the people who claim to care about black folks seem to think that that we are all children or untrained pets.