Sunday, December 18, 2005

Tookie Williams

Tookie Williams is going to be given a rousing funeral at an AME church in LA. What a shameful moment for AME. Tookie was a thug, a killer, a man who was proud to call himself the founder of the Crips. Most of Tookie's supporters were either old thugs like him, camera hogs like Je$$e Jackson and Louis Farakhan or upper class twits.

In order to join the Crips a kid had to go through an initiation period. What was the initiation? Hurting somebody. Someone had to be beat up or maimed (cripped). In other words ever Crip has done something really bad just to be a member. Think of all the black women in the hood who have no son becuase their kid got shot or beat to death by the Crips. Think of all the girls who were raped, of all the people who were robbed and terrorized. Think of Albert Owens lying on the floor and being shot in the back by Tookie. Think of the Yang family being blasted to bits and him and then think of Tookie laughing and bragging about it later. It boggles the mind that anybody would shed a tear for Tookie.

I wasn't suprised that Snoop Dogg came out in support of him because Snoop was an old gangsta himself but what the heck was Jamie Foxx doing? Jamie you were great in "Ray" but you won't see one damn dime of my money for your movies or music, period.

It would be bad enough if the Crips had staid in LA but they spread out and inspired other punks. When I was a kid growing up in DC the gangs were fighting the crack wars and it was common to hear gunshots at night. Women did not leave their homes after 7 PM unless they went out in a group. In the 80s a local woman was raped and murdered by a gang out on spree. She was a middle aged woman who just going about her own business when she was dragged into an alley. There is no glamour in gang life. There is no glory. These aren't poor, misunderstood lads. They're just a pack of damn domestic terrorists. Shed tears for Tookie if you want but all you'll get from me is scorn.