Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thank you Lord!

My in-laws gave me a large statue of Pope John Paul II for Christmas. It looks a bit like this one. I was so happy. It's a nice statue but even if it had been cheap plastic and hideous it would still be one of the greatest things to happen this year. My in-laws are Baptists. They weren't happy about their son marrying a Catholic. They weren't at our wedding. When my husband converted they were not at church. My father in law used to make slightly offensive Catholic jokes. Giving me this statue shows that they may not be happy that my husband and I are both Catholic but they are going to accept it. That's what I wanted for 17 years. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Years of bitterness have been washed away.

I feel like that scene from Kill Bill 2 when Uma Thurman was lying on the bathroom floor saying "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"