Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh gee, not this crap again.

Oh gee, not this crap again. If this woman dislikes traditionalists so much why doesn't she just ignore them? And I think she's wrong on point in particular. If things are not right at your parish you have a perfect right to leave, especially if you have kids at home.

I wish this endless bashing could stop or at least calm down a little. The church is in a heap of hurt right now and needs all of us to get our acts together.


David L Alexander said...

Actually, speaking as one who LOVES the Old Mass, and would look forward to another chance to serve for it regularly (which may happen in Arlington, Deo volente, more on that later), the thing that gets on my nerves most about traditionalism is the behavior of some traditionalists. I've got people who weren't even a twinkle in their Mama's eye in 1962 telling me what I can and can't do at a Trid Mass. What the hell do they know? Especially when they start describing conspiracy theories dating back to the 50s as though they were actually there.

What has happened, you see, is the appearance of loss of control by legitimate authority. We got bishops and DREs and "pastoral associates" (which is another word for "person with masters degree who cannot get real job") running loose, causing all sorts of mayhem, with what appears to be impunity. And, since nature abhors a vacuum, human nature compels a few stalwart souls to fill in the gap, saying in blogs and magazines and on e-mail lists who and what is okay or not okay. Even when a Pope is and is not okay. (Or even if he isn't a Pope.)

Problem is, if we ever get this "universal indult" everybody keeps salivating over, coupled by a genuine "reform of the reform" (and you won't get one without the other under this Pope), we might have some semblance of liturgical order restored in the years ahead. Then these twits are gonna be out of a job. What then? They may have to concentrate on their prayer lives.

Then maybe things will settle down, and I can finally concentrate on mine.

Wish me luck, and stay in touch.

Dymphna said...

I wish you luck, David. To be honest I have no great expectations about the Universal Indult. As I've said on other people's blogs the pope may "free" the Tridentine Mass but that doesn't mean the bishops will obey.