Thursday, March 15, 2007

Was that water really holy?

I have a question. Last week I was asked to fill the Holy Water font at church. I was directed to get the water from the sacristy sink that Fr. Théoden and Fr. Aragorn use to wash up. There was no salt and no blessing so how can it be Holy Water? Can you pre-bless all the water that comes form Father's sink?


Lynne said...

I don't believe so.

That's disturbing...

elena maria vidal said...

No, that would not be holy water, very strange....

Mac McLernon said...

Definitely not Holy Water... in fact, not even "blessed" water.

...and we wonder why the devil seems to be getting the upper hand!

Dymphna said...

I think I should mention this to Fr.

M. Alexander said...

Is it possible that Father goes to each Holy Water Font and blesses the water once the Fonts are filled?

I hope that is the case. You're right to mention it.

Cecelia said...

Well, it's a whole lot more than just that - but don't bother asking 'Father.' You won't get a straight answer. Time you folks finally woke up! The 'coffee boiled over' years ago!

approvedworkman said...

Holy Water???
Romanism is a pagan religion.
read a good history and your Bibles for a change. Come out of her my people.

Jane Valois said...

This is really bizarre, but one of our parishioners said that she had heard of sand, SAND, being put in the fonts. What do you call that?
Holy Land?

Dymphna said...

I've heard of some parishes that put rocks in the Holy Water font during Lent. Some really crazy stuff got started in the 70s and 80s.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Holy Water is not pagan.

It involves two things:
* water, which God used in creation and in cleaning Earth from Nephelim and from Sodomites and such evil
* exorcising demons from it and adding prayers of the Church to that specific quantity of water.

In case you doubt that demons may normally be involved with water, check out:
* Israelites were to regard certain waters as impure;
* Christ told waves, angrily, to hold their peace. Obviously He was not angry with waves as material part of His creation, therefore with demons directing them. As when He did exorcisms of possessed.

Its use involves using something which is in itself not a sacrament with sanctifying grace ex opere operato in a way similar to a sacrament because of prayers attached.
* Blood of lamb on Israelite doors was NOT a NT Sacrament, but was used only on God's order.
* Water of Jordan applied to Naaman was NOT a NT Sacrament, but was used on order of Elisha.
* Water used at wedding of Cana was NOT a NT sacrament, but was used on order of the Blessed Virgin Mary - and Christ made wine of it.
* Ablutions of OT and baptism of St John seem to have made same kind of use of water.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"Come out of her my people."

There is a point when it comes to water from Fr Aragorn's and Fr. Theoden's sink.

Also, Fr Theoden may probably have been ordained early enough to be certainly a priest, with Fr Aragorn I have some doubts.