Friday, August 17, 2007

Things that tick me off

  • The sight of Jesus being stuck in a chapel down the hall or in another building instead of being on the altar

  • Theology of the Body--- sorry!

  • Brides in strapless or backless gowns

  • cantors who think the Mass is all about them

  • Eucharistic ministers

  • parents who bring food (No- I'm not talking about a baby bottle. I mean food snacks like vienna sausages, cereal and peanut butter crackers) for their kids at Mass. Someone has to clean up that mess, parents. Have you thought about that?)

  • People who go to the back of the church for their cell phone conversation---- dude, we hear you!

  • felt banners

  • statues that don't look a human being

  • stained glass that makes me wonder what its supposed to be representing

  • RCIA

  • Pre-Cana
  • Calling everything ministries ( the tour guide ministry, the young adult ministry, the
  • greeting ministry...)

  • Catholic communities---- what the heck does that mean? I prefer to belong to a parish, thank you.