Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a word to Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama said something that made me very sad. For the first time in her life she's proud of her country. Michelle, sweetie, darling. What the flip is wrong with you? You and your husband live in a home finer than the one my great grandmother and possibly yours used to go clean back in the 50s. Your children go to a private school. You wear high fashion clothes and probably haven't seen the inside of a Wal-Mart in 20 years, if ever. Your kids have probably never even seen a rat, felt a bedbug's bite and will never know anyone who died of TB. They've never had to empty a chamber pot or gather wood like my mother did. No-one even thought of slicing up their genitalia, a normal everyday thing in many African countries. You got to marry Barry because you wanted him, and not because your dad threatened to kill you if you didn't. You appear to be content in the marriage unlike millions of Indian, Aboriginal women, Muslim women from a bunch of different countries and Black African women who are living in hell each day with their masters/husbands.

You got to go to college instead of leaving school in the 4th grade because you were needed in the cotton fields like my granny. Your life is sweeter and softer than that of Marie Antoinette, Catherine the Great or Victoria. How can you not look at Africa and the Caribbean-- especially Haiti and not thank God on your very knees that you are American? I don't get it. I don't want to get it either.

Michelle is there any country on the face of this earth that has allowed black people to live as well as we do here in the USA? God knows there is racism in America, Rocky and I have been stared at as if we were dragons at more than one parish although I have to say that the worst experience was at a Hispanic parish, not an all white one---but I'd rather be here than any other place on earth. Our Lady of America, pray for us all.