Friday, July 18, 2008


I've said it before and I'll proabably be tiresome and say it again some time: WYD is mostly silly. However, there are moments when it's almost worth the time and money. Tonight Rocky is watching the Holy Father celebrate Mass in Oz on EWTN. It's beautiful.

If they would just drop the dumb stuff--- the rapping priests, the lousy fake pop music, and the carnival atmosphere. And for pity's sake, no more semi nude locals in loincloths in front of the pope!

I was reading a book last night, it's the memoir of a Bennedictine monk who spent a year with the Copts of Egypt. He went to a dinner at the home of Pope Shenouda (the Copts call their leader, pope) and was astonished. There were about 5000 people there. Most were teens and 20 somethings. They politely asked Shenouda questions and he answered them. That's it. No dancers, no singers, no jugglers. They didn't need to be entertained. That struck me. Later the monk was having dinner at the home of the American ambassador. The ambassador's wife was Catholic and asked him about the Copts. The monk told her that he thought the Copts did a much better job teaching their youth than we Catholics do. The ambassador's wife was offended but when I watch the WYD photos I have to agree with the young monk.

A cranky thought about the Anglo-Caths has crossed my mind. Guys, if you are really serious don't wait for negotiations with Rome, don't wait for your "bishop" to make up his mind. Do what my husband and millions of others have done. Get up, get dressed and walk into the nearest Catholic church. Ask to be recieved. Endure the wretched RCIA and be confirmed.