Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a baby is dead

You've probably read about the Florida so-called "botched" abortion story. An 18 year old went to the abortion abattoir to have her unborn baby killed. Instead she had a live birth and a worker at the clinic put the baby the trash and left her to die. The police are involved now. The doctor's license to kill has been revoked. The natural mother is suing the doctor and the clinic. I hope she doesn't get a dime.

When I read stories like this I'm not shocked anymore. Horrors occur in abortion clinics every day. That's the point. A baby is murdered horribly, a doctor makes money and the mother goes home and tries to forget the "mistake". What the hell happened to America? We are no better than the worshipers of Moloch or the Germans of WWII who knew doggone well what was happening to the Jews but shrugged their shoulders and muttered that there was nothing they could do and perhaps it was for the best anyway.


Sanctus Belle said...

I agree with you Dymphna. This mother went to have her child killed, she paid for them to do this and that is what they did - why on earth is she surprised or shocked? Only because of this - she actually SAW the child with her own eyes and had to face the horror of what she had done. If she had been in stirrups with the machine whirring in the background there'd be no horror, no shock, no police or lawsuits, etc.

What folly, what utter stupidity to call this murder a "botched" abortion, then feel sorry for the "mother" when the child in born alive then subsequently killed? Would she have taken her baby home? Would she have consented to NICU care? Why is she even upset?? She wanted the child to die, didn't she get what she wanted? Is she upset that the doctor didn't kill the child or upset that he did???

How ridiculous, sick and evil abortion is and the media who reports with such idiocy.


The sad thing Dymphna is that the media makes a bigger thing when a dog or other animal is abused than when a child is killed in this manner.

I guess if you ignore it, it does not exist.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"The natural mother is suing the doctor and the clinic."

One thing would be judge taking fat damages from both mother and clinic and locking the money up on an account to be given the baby when old enough to manage the account.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"the Germans of WWII who knew doggone well what was happening to the Jews"

They knew Jews were in boot camp like facilities.

As to the rest, I am not sure anyone knows all too well what was being done, except for individual cases.

Jo Wajsblat stepped into a gas chamber (presented as such, apparently) with fifty boys, and Mengele got angry and told the subordinates to get all fifty out of there.

He concluded that, but did not actually see how, the other twelve groups of fifty had been gassed to death.