Monday, April 13, 2009

St. Mary's Maryland.

To celebrate Easter Rocky and I went to several St. Mary's County shrines and churches. We started with the Mother of Light shrine in Clements, and visited the St. Clement's Island museum. Next we went to St. Joseph in Morganza. It's such a beautiful church I was amazed. We saw St. Cecilia's, Holy Angels, St. Mary's and the St. Mary Youth Shrine. Glorious. And at the end of the day we stopped by St. Francis Xavier, the oldest parish in the 13 original colonies. It sits on a spit of land jutting out into the water. An osprey soared low overhead. We saw turkey vultures on the ground and red wing blackbirds, a great egret and some kind of Thrush. If you're ever in Southern Maryland you have to take the Catholic road trip. The history of our faith in America begins right there.

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Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Oh yeah... I use to be stationed at Patuxent River Naval Air Station (US Marine Corps Security Forces).

We loved St. Mary's county. That's where my wife converted.