Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don't go to Medjugorje

The local bishop has made his views as clear as day. So much money has been made and so many people have hung their faith on this, (false, I think) apparition that I suspect the show will go on in disobedience to the bishop.

Don't go to Medjugorje. Go to Lourdes, go to Fatima, go to Akita or Knock. Go somewhere that has been judged worthy of belief.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...


Kindred Spirit said...

Do people really still go to Medjugorje? I thought that this site had generally be discredited years ago. Excellent post and words to the wise.

R J said...

There is still a biiiiiiiiiig Medjugorje following in Australia, I'm afraid. It appears to be particularly attractive for middle-aged and somewhat truculent women. Not sure why.

Dymphna said...

There's a big following here. Everytime I open the diocese newspaper someone is running a trip there.

R J said...

If I'd been asked to guess, I suppose I would've predicted that Medjugorje's main lay following would consist of young "Catholics" of both sexes, eager to give their elders the two-finger salute by flocking to a shrine which had been officially condemned. But this isn't the case at all, at least in Australia. No, the typical local Medjugorje addict, and I really do mean addict, appears to be female, sixtyish, almost incapable of talking about anything else except Medjugorje, and generally bad-mannered. Strange.

Oh yes, and she knows full well what the authorities think about the whole caper. That doesn't deter her one bit.

Tom SVDP said...

So they say, I'm not into this movement. Garabandal was never approved and yet, it has many followers till this day.

In fact, today, this fellow is coming out with a book "My Miracle in Medjugorje" by John O'Connell, I'm not plugging it or anything, saw it in the news and his healing to me seems to be a bit psychological.

I look forward to the Vatican clarifying this situation. I did not know that one reason the Vatican may be stepping in is a response because of the way a Bishop in Austria welcomed one of the Medjugorje "Seers".

I'm in the middle, I'm not one of these sure it is a fraud but I don't even entertain notions of following it in any way like my friend who has gone 2 or 3 times. There are enough expressions for my faith that can be done in positive ways and we have "approved" apparitions already. The messages are too questionable, the conduct of the seers are too questionable, etc. etc. to me. IMHO.

But it's still big with some, a Church here has a Medjugorje type of cross up on the altar.

Timothy said...

Please don't go to Medjugorje unless you want to have a wonderful spiritual experience worthy of any pilgrimage. Medjugorje will be made an official Shrine due to the thousands of conversions (including my own) and vocations sourced from there. It's easy to deny and to condemn visionaries, Our Lord and Our Lady as illustrated plainly throughout the Old and New Testaments. You will be interested to know that the Bishop there does not believe in any of the Marian apparitions, church sanctioned or otherwise. That is partly why the final judgement now rests with the Vatican. To deny Medjugorje without doing honest research is to bear a false witness.