Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mass tonight and raggedy thoughts

The stained glass windows look peacock blue when Mass starts in the Winter. By the time Father gets to the gospel the windows look black and you can suddenly appreciate the intricate masonry. The music tonight was lovely. The cantor was in fine voice , our new altar boy is tiny and cute as a button, and although we had a pack of babies in attendence they were all cheerful, fed, watered and dry bottomed. Nobody screamed, nobody had a tantrum and nobody threw anything.

I was quite impressed to see three young men who arrived well before Mass. One was in his 20s the others looked like they were in there 30s. One sat behind us and his responses were in exquisite Latin. Ladies there are young, suitable for marriage, heterosexuals in the pews and if for some reason your parish doesn't attract men you need to go to another one because something unhealthy is happening at yours.

Fr. Frodo gave a scholarly homily and once again I was struck by how smart he is. We are incredibly lucky to have someone with that kind of brain for our parochial vicar.

So many Catholics consume priests like Ipods, or hamburgers; something that should satisfy us but we never say thanks. We never pray for the priest or encourage him and Lord knows we complain, complain, complain. Usually about stupid stuff. Fr. didn't praise your altar floral arrangement? Well of course, not dear. Very few normal men give a hoot about flowers. Fr. was short with you when you dropped in on him at the rectory? Well maybe, he was trying to get to the hospice to see old Mrs. Magillacudy before she dies and why were you dropping in unannounced on a priest anyway? Fr. corrected you for splashing the Precious Blood all over the sink in the sacristy? Good! You weren't supposed to do that and you shouldn't be a eurcharistic minister if you're going to be that sloppy and sacreligious. Fr. asked you to stop wearing those butt crack jeans to Mass? You should've already been ashamed before he even spoke.

If you have a good priest and he loves the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, give thanks to God.